Maple Hardwood Floor

The beauty of a wide plank maple hardwood floor.

When you choose a maple hardwood floor from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors for your home or business, you’re getting much more than a surface to walk on. Our wide plank maple wood flooring products have far fewer seams than a traditional hardwood floor. That means your space will have an open and clean feel—the room will seem less busy and more elegant. Wider boards also mean you actually get to see more of the tree from which the board was cut—its character, history and personality. You see more of the grain and the way it grew over time. A wide plank maple hardwood floor from Carlisle is much more than a floor—it’s a work of art, an enduring architectural element on which you will live or work for years to come.

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Get a one-of-a-kind maple hardwood floor.

Our maple hardwood flooring is made with boards cut from the most mature trees in sustainable forests. These older maples are taller and wider than other trees and are ready to be plucked from the forest to let younger trees survive. They also yield floor boards that are among the longest and widest in the industry. Each Carlisle maple board is handcrafted, meticulously inspected, and carefully aligned with other boards to give each floor a one-of-a-kind design.

At Carlisle, we offer white and brown maple hardwood floors. White maple has a hard, dense grain that makes it ideal for everything from gym floors to fine furniture. It is well suited for variety of settings, from contemporary to traditional. Brown maple floors are cut from trees that are very much like the white maple but which have been tapped for maple sugar. The inside of these trees develop rich brown streaks, giving each board a strikingly different look and character.

Other floor products from Carlisle: prefinished maple, engineered oak, rustic hardwood and more.

Along with our new maple hardwood floor products, we offer prefinished wood floor products in maple and engineered hardwood flooring with a maple veneer.

We also provide new wide plank solid wood floors in a variety of hardwoods and pine, and reclaimed hardwood flooring in chestnut, oak and heart pine. Our team features experts in wood working, floor design and installation who are among the most knowledgeable people in the industry. When you choose a Carlisle maple hardwood floor or another flooring product, they will work with you from start to finish ensuring you have a floor you love.

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