Maple Hardwood Flooring

Wide planks bring elegance to maple hardwood flooring.

When you choose wide planks for your maple hardwood flooring, you’ll notice the difference immediately. Your wide plank maple flooring will have far fewer seams than traditional hardwood floors. That means the room will look less busy, more spacious and far more elegant. Wider planks will show more of the character and grain in the maple hardwood, giving your room a striking personality. With wide plank maple hardwood flooring for your home or business, you won’t just have a floor you can walk on, but a spectacular architectural element that will transform your space and bring a sense of beauty to your room for years to come.

Carlisle wide plank floors, a leading manufacturer of new and reclaimed solid wood floors, offers several options for premium wide plank maple hardwood flooring.

Maple hardwood flooring, made from sustainable forests.

At Carlisle, all maple hardwood flooring is harvested from trees grown in sustainable forests. That means we never contract with clear cutters, but rather work with a small group of growers who share our dedication to preserving America’s valuable forests. We use only the most mature maple trees—the ones that are ready to be harvested to allow younger trees to thrive.

Our maple hardwood flooring includes:

  • White maple hardwood flooring is cut from maple tree with dense, hard grain that makes it ideal for gymnasium floors and fine furniture alike. Clear flowing grains and occasional swirls complement both traditional and contemporary design aesthetics.
  • Brown maple flooring comes from a tree very much like the white maple, but which has been tapped for maple sugar, creating dark rich brown streaks inside the tree in the heartwood.
  • Prefinished maple flooring. Our prefinished hardwood floor products are available in a variety of woods, including maple, and are among the finest prefinished products on the market.
  • Engineered maple hardwood floor products. Our engineered floors combine several layers of maple hardwood with multiple layers of less costly backing, for a sturdy product that is an economical alternative to solid hardwood flooring.

Prefinished maple, antique hardwood and other flooring products from Carlisle

In addition to maple, Carlisle offers a variety of new wide plank flooring products in pine and hardwood, as well as >antique wood floor products in oak, chestnut and heart pine. We offer prefinished and engineered floors in a wide variety of woods. And we offer hand-distressed floors—new floors which are treated with special woodworking techniques so they resemble the antique flooring of centuries past.

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