Maple Wood Flooring

Discover how wide plank maple wood flooring can transform your room.

Wide plank maple wood flooring offers extraordinary warmth and beauty. Whether for a home or business, a wide plank maple hardwood floor is a stunning architectural element that transforms any space. With flooring made of wider planks, there are fewer seams in the wood—the result is remarkable sense of spaciousness in the room. Wider planks also let you see more of the grain and growth of the wood, giving your maple wood flooring more character.

When you want the finest in maple wood flooring from a company with a reputation for handcrafting each board and harvesting trees only from sustainable forests, come to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

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Choose brown or white maple wood flooring.

Carlisle offers two kinds of new maple wood flooring. White maple floors are cut from maple trees with a dense, hard grain that flows through each board with occasional swirls. White maple works equally well in traditional and contemporary settings. Brown maple floors come from a tree very similar to white maple, but brown maple trees have been tapped for maple sugar, creating rich brown streaks on the inside of the tree in the heartwood. Brown maple is just as dense as white but has a strikingly different appearance, color and character.

When you choose maple wood flooring from Carlisle, you’re guaranteed to have a floor made from trees grown in sustainable forests. We only work with growers who share our commitment to sustainability. We use only the most mature trees—the ones that must be harvested for the health of the forest—and take an average of only one tree for every five acres of woods, ensuring that no tree stands will ever be clear-cut for our maple wood flooring.

More flooring options: prefinished walnut, engineered maple, and reclaimed wood floors.

Our new maple floors are an unfinished hardwood flooring product, meaning they will be stained and sealed on site after installation. In addition to unfinished wood flooring, we offer prefinished maple floors, where the floor is stained and sealed prior to installation, and engineered wood flooring with a maple finish—essentially a layer of maple hardwood that is adhered to several layers of less expensive backing.

We also offer hand-distressed maple wood flooring. This is a new maple wood floor that is treated with a variety of woodworking techniques to make it resemble a reclaimed wood floor.

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