Modern Engineered Wood Flooring

The appeal of modern engineered wood flooring

When engineered floors were first introduced in the 1960s, the difference in quality from solid wood flooring was quite noticeable. Today, engineered floors are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood – if you choose the right provider. And with the ability to finish and stain engineered floorboards in a wide range of colors, modern engineered wood flooring offers homeowners and designers the same wide range of choices as solid hardwood floors.

Engineered flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is one of the highest quality products on the market. With options for a variety of modern hardwood floor colors, we make it easy to design modern engineered wood flooring that can become a stunning design element and a central feature of your home.

What is modern engineered wood flooring?

Can Carlisle engineered flooring be textured?

Yes. Carlisle craftsmen are experts at applying a variety of texturing techniques to new floors. Our most popular textures add saw marks and other imperfections to new floorboards, or gently wear away the soft grains in the wood, just as foot traffic and time wear down the grains in floorboards over generations of use.

What are the benefits of Carlisle engineered flooring vs. competitors?

Carlisle produces the most stable modern engineered wood flooring on the market. Our boards are 50% to 200% thicker than competitors, and we use a highly durable hardwood, Baltic Birch, as a backing material rather than pressboard or plywood. Rather than the typical 3 to 5 layers of backing material, our floors use 9 to 11 layers depending on the thickness of the floor. And our top layer is thick enough to last as long as our solid wood floors, with a warranty that guarantees it can be refinished up to three times.

What are the advantages of engineered floors?

Engineered floors can be installed in rooms where solid wood floors may tend to warp or crack. These include basements and other rooms below grade, as well as installation over radiant heating systems and on concrete slab.

What is modern engineered wood flooring?

Modern engineered wood flooring refers to engineered floors with a modern or contemporary appearance. Modern floorboards are typically stained with on-trend colors or use other trends such as wider planks and textured treatments. Some natural wood colors are considered on-trend. For example, customer seeking modern light wood floors often opt for the natural colors of Ash, White Maple or White Oak.

What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is made with floorboards that have a veneer of hardwood which is glued to multiple plies of backing material. This multilayered construction produces a floorboard that performs better than solid wood in locations where large changes in temperature and relative humidity are common.

Ways to customize modern engineered wood flooring

At Carlisle, there are many ways to truly make your modern engineered wood floor a one-of-a-kind expression of your sense of style.

  • Your choice of wood. We offer 10 varieties of hardwood species sourced from areas where cool, short summers allow trees to grow slowly, producing tighter, denser grain and optimum beauty for wide plank floors. Woods like White Oak, Red Oak, White Maple and Cherry offer more consistency in the natural color tone of the wood which can produce more modern engineered wood flooring. Hickory, Walnut, Ash, Birch and Brown Maple have much more color variation.
  • Selecting a modern-looking grade. At Carlisle, our proprietary grades make it easy to achieve a consistent look across your wide plank floor. Our Original Grade timbers preserve the character of the tree, with more knots, mineral streaks, ingrown bark and color variations. Our Heirloom Grade features less character and more clarity and consistency, ideal for the clean look of modern hardwood floors.
  • Choosing the size of your boards. Our engineered floorboards are available in widths up to 10” and lengths up to 12’. The wider the boards, the more spacious and luxurious the room will feel. Consistent widths produce a calm, uniform feeling, while varying the widths adds more visual interest.
  • Limitless color options. While many of our customers prefer natural colors for their modern engineered wood flooring, we also offer a virtually unlimited selection of stain colors that make it easy to choose engineered wood colors that perfectly match the needs of an interior design scheme.
  • Hardwood floor texture. Carlisle craftsmen are experts at adding texture to engineered floors, giving new floorboards the appearance of aged timbers.

Carlisle: your best source for modern engineered wood flooring

From our most traditional solid wood floors to our modern engineered wood flooring, every surface produced by Carlisle’s craftsmen is a work of art that perfectly reflects the homeowner’s sense of style and beauty. Our artisan woodworkers take great pride in using time-honored processes, and we take great pains to source only the soundest and most reliable timber from American forests. Our woodworkers examine every inch of every plank, attending to each detail to make sure that your Carlisle floor is the perfect realization of your vision. With modern engineered wood flooring from Carlisle, you’ll have a surface that will set the stage for your life at home and become a defining feature of your space.