Modern Floorboards

The beauty of modern floorboards

Hardwood floors offer timeless beauty and have graced the interiors of stylish homes for centuries. Today, homeowners have the option of installing traditional hardwood flooring or opting for modern hardwood floors that incorporate trending wood floor colors, wider planks and textured treatments. Modern floorboards give interior designers a broader array of design options while continuing to allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty and value of hardwood floors.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer a broad variety of options for traditional and modern floorboards, including floors fashioned from a wide range of hardwoods, pines and reclaimed timbers. Our wide plank floors can be finished in timeless natural colors or finished with stain applications that meet the needs of a modern aesthetic.

Ways to customize your modern floorboards

Creating a floor with modern floorboards is easy at Carlisle. We offer lots of ways to customize our wide plank floors to get a modern look.

  • Options for wood. We offer 10 species of hardwood and 3 types of Pine for our wide plank floors. Certain woods lend themselves to the look of modern floorboards. Species like White Oak, White Maple, Red Oak, Cherry and Eastern White Pine have more consistency in the color tone throughout the floorboards, which can have a more modern feel. And species like Ash, Brown Maple and White Maple feature lighter hues that are attractive to customers seeking modern light wood floors.
  • A choice of grades. Using timber grades helps to identify floorboards that have more or less character, making it easier to produce a floor with a consistent appearance. Our Original Grade features more of the knots, mineral streaks, ingrown bark and color variations that give the timber its character. Our Heirloom Grade floorboards feature less character, making them more suitable as contemporary or modern floorboards.
  • Determining the width. Carlisle wide plank floors come in widths up to 20”, though the average width of our floors tends to be 8”. Wider planks produce fewer seams in the floor, creating a more beautiful aesthetic and a feeling of spaciousness in the room. Using consistent widths offers a more even and modern feel, while varying the widths has more visual interest and is typical of more rustic flooring.
  • Selecting the structure. At Carlisle, we offer both solid wood and modern engineered wood flooring. Solid wood floorboards are cut from a single piece of timber, while engineered boards are made with a top layer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of backing material. This construction provides a floorboard with a more stable core that is more resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Engineered floors are ideal for installation over concrete or radiant heat, or for installation below grade. Carlisle engineered floors are among the best products in the industry and appear identical to our solid wood floors.
  • Limitless color options. While many of our customers prefer the natural color of their choice of hardwood or pine, others prefer to use a stain application for more modern hardwood floor colors. We offer a virtually unlimited selection of stain colors and can match a stain to the color of almost any item, making it possible to get the exact stain color you want.
  • A range of textures. Texturing techniques give new floors the appearance of floors that were crafted more than a century ago and that have been lived on for generations. Many customers use wood floor texture techniques like hand-scraped edges or wire-brushed treatments to create one-of-a-kind modern floorboards with unique character.

What are modern floorboards?

Can Carlisle floors be installed with a pattern?

Yes. Carlisle wide plank floors are often installed with a Herringbone, Chevron or Versailles pattern. Our design consultants can also work with you to create a custom pattern that will add a sense of luxury and elegance to any room.

What are on-trend colors for wood floors?

Modern floorboards today often incorporate on-trend colors such as charcoal or other dark colors to produce dramatically dark wood floors. Gray floors are also quite popular, providing a neutral palette that can pair easily with any design scheme. And whitewashed floors are also trendy, providing a lighter and airy are feeling in any room.

What are wide plank floors?

Wide plank floors use floorboards that are much wider than standard commercial flooring. Where standard flooring uses boards that are 3” wide or less, wide plank floors use boards that are anywhere from 4” to 20” in width. Using wider and longer planks means that there are fewer seams in the floor, which creates a more beautiful aesthetic and less busy feel, and which lets the personality of the wood emerge more fully on each floorboard.

What are modern floorboards?

Modern floorboards are hardwood floors that are finished with on-trend colors. Modern floorboards may also conform with other fashionable trends such as using wider planks or texturing new floors to give them the appearance of floors that have been lived on for generations.

Why choose modern floorboards from Carlisle?

When you choose modern floorboards from Carlisle, you know you’ll be living on one of the finest handcrafted wide plank floors in the country. For more than half a century, our craftsmen have combined time-honored processes and the finest raw materials available to produce one-of-a-kind floors that transform stylish businesses and homes throughout the world. Our design consultants and knowledgeable specialists will work carefully with you to ensure that every detail of your modern floorboards is rendered perfectly, and that your Carlisle floor is the perfect expression of your own sense of style and taste. Whether you choose a modern floor from one of our curated collections or you work with our team to design a surface that is uniquely yours, your Carlisle floor will be fashioned in the same way: one plank at a time.