Modern Light Wood Floors

The appeal of modern light wood floors

For homeowners who want to transform a room with a feeling of brightness and spaciousness, modern light wood floors are an excellent option. Modern floorboards often use trending wood floor colors like gray or whitewash to produce a floor with lighter, neutral tones. Modern light wood floors can also be achieved by using the natural color of lighter woods like Ash or White Maple.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer modern light wood floors in a wide range of hardwoods and colors, as well as floors that follow other trends such as wider planks and textured floorboards. Our design consultants can work closely with you to identify the types of wood, texture, structure and color that will create the perfect floor for your space, and a stunning surface that will set the stage for your life at home.

What are modern light wood floors?

Can modern light wood floors be textured?

Yes. While texturing techniques are typically intended to give new floors in older appearance, some techniques like a brushed wood texture or hand-scraped edges work well with modern hardwood floors to create a unique look.

Can engineered floors be finished with light colors?

Yes. Carlisle offers modern engineered wood flooring that is ideal for installations below grade, over radiant heating systems and on concrete slab. Our engineered floors can be stained with virtually any color.

Can Carlisle wood floors be stained with a light color?

Yes. At Carlisle, we offer a virtually unlimited variety of stain colors, and most of our floors can be finished in a wide range of hues.

What are the advantages of modern light wood floors?

Modern light wood floors are easy to design with, as they tend to provide a neutral color palette. Lighter floors make rooms seem larger, and they’re easier to clean as they hide dust and dirt more successfully.

What are modern light wood floors?

Modern light wood floors are hardwood floors with light colors and modern features. Modern floors today are often stained with on trend colors such as whitewash, grays and gray blends that help to make a room feel bright and breezy. Light wood floors can also be achieved by using hardwoods with lighter hues and treating the floor with a clear or amber finish to create a timeless hardwood floor color that still feels modern.

Modern light wood floors with a natural finish

The easiest way to realize modern light wood floors for your home is to find the right hardwood species and to treat floor with a natural finish. At Carlisle, we offer a range of woods that feature lighter tones.

  • Ash floors offer clean, neutral colors that range from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown hues.
  • White Maple features lighter hues that are perfect for a more neutral floor color.
  • Birch features blonde outer edges and warm amber portions with rich reddish-brown tones in the heartwood.
  • Hickory features beige and cocoa brown hues in the heartwood, with lighter blonde tones in the sapwood.
  • Red Oak is a highly popular hardwood with salmon undertones in the heartwood.
  • White Oak features floorboards with light, nutty brown hues and dramatic grain features.
  • Rift and Quartersawn White Oak has the same coloration as White Oak but is cut with special techniques that produce straight parallel lines in the grain for a remarkably beautiful floor.

We also offer Walnut, Cherry and Brown Maple floors which featured darker hues, but which can be stained to lighter colors.

Why choose Carlisle for modern light wood floors?

For 50 years, Carlisle has been the #1 source for hardwood floors for a simple reason: we produce floors of exceptional quality. Every Carlisle wide floor is a masterpiece, where each plank is handcrafted by artisan woodworkers to perfectly reflect your sense of style and taste. Our craftsmen are experts at creating a one-of-a-kind surface that realizes your vision for the floor on which you will live your life at home, and they know every detail matters. From choosing the individual planks for your floor to hand-scraping the edges and applying the perfect color of stain, every task is intended to produce a floor that meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations. Your Carlisle floor will become a defining feature in your home – a stunning design element that will remind you where you are, every time you walk through the door.