Oak Color Flooring

Oak color flooring combines beauty and versatility

Oak color flooring has long been one of the most popular choices for floors in stylish homes and businesses. Oak comes in several species that are ideal for reliable hardwood floors, providing a wide range of color options that can pair easily with any interior design.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers some of the finest Oak flooring in the country, sourced from parts of the country where colder climates produce trees with tight growth rings that yield boards of exceptional widths and lengths. Our floors can be treated with a natural finish to enhance the Oak color, or stained to produce dark or gray color wood flooring that is in line with contemporary trends.

What is Oak color flooring?
Oak color flooring is a hardwood floor that’s made with Oak floorboards and finished to enhance the natural color of the Oak timbers. Red Oak floor colors tend to have a deep salmon hue, while White Oak color flooring is more in the nutty brown range.

What is wide plank Oak flooring?
While most commercial Oak floors use floorboards that are 3” wide or less, wide plank floors use boards that are between 4” and 20” inches wide and up to 12” long. Wider, longer planks produce fewer seams in the floor, creating a sense of luxury and spaciousness that lets the personality of the wood play out across each floorboard.

Can wide plank Oak flooring be installed with a pattern?
Yes. Oak is an excellent option for parquet floors. The different colors of Oak floorboards can also heighten the visual appeal of a pattern like White Oak Chevron flooring or Red Oak Herringbone.

What is the color of engineered Oak flooring?
Engineered Oak floors are made with a thick layer of White or Red Oak that is adhered to multiple layers of a sturdy backing material like Baltic Birch. This layered construction forms a very strong core that can withstand extreme fluctuation in temperature and humidity, creating floors that are ideal for installation below grade, on concrete slab or over radiant heat. Engineered Oak floors offer the same range of natural coloring as solid wood floors, and can be stained to virtually any color.

Choose your perfect stain for Oak color flooring

At Carlisle, deciding on Oak color flooring essentially comes down to two options: highlighting the natural color of the Oak or choosing a color from our endless variety of stain applications.

For many of our customers, there’s nothing more beautiful than natural color wood floors in Red or White Oak. A clear or amber finish preserves and enhances the original Oak color in the flooring, allowing the floor to tell its story over time as the wood ages and changes and develops a natural patina that gets richer with time.

For other customers, finding the right stain color is essential for realizing a vision for their interior design scheme with modern Oak flooring. We offer a collection of stains that are among our most popular options, for customers who want some inspiration and the comfort that classic colors provide. But we also offer a virtually unlimited selection of stain colors through our Carlisle Custom Color system that can match any color perfectly. When you send in a paint swatch, a piece of fabric or a bit of tile – or just about anything – our system will perfectly identify the color, allowing us to create a stain to match it. With Carlisle, you never have to settle for a stain that’s only “close” to the color you imagined.

Customer service that is as exceptional as our floors

Choosing the right Oak color flooring at Carlisle is easy with the help of our knowledgeable design consultants. After discussing your specifications and your vision for your wide plank Oak floor, our team will guide you through every step of the process – from selecting the species of Oak hardwood and the widths of your planks to the type of finish, shade of stain, application of texture and all the other options that can help you design the ideal floor for your space. At Carlisle, the process of creating your one-of-a-kind masterpiece is a true pleasure.

Why choose Oak color flooring from Carlisle?

For more than half a century, Carlisle Wide Plank floors has been handcrafting the finest floors in America. Using time-honored processes and timber sourced from the most reliable forests, we produce floors that are destined to be the central design feature of any home.

Today our floors are produced the same way they were 50 years ago – one plank at the time. Our artisan woodworkers know that every detail matters to you – from the grain patterns on individual planks to the application of an Oak floor texture and the stain that produces the perfect Oak color flooring. Our craftsmen attend to every detail to ensure that your floor is the perfect expression of your sense of style and taste, and a welcome reminder of where you are every time you return home.