Oak Floor Texture

The charm of an old Oak floor texture

Techniques for texturing or distressing a floor can give modern Oak flooring an aged Oak floor texture, adding immediate charm and character to your hardwood floor. Whether you want to recreate the look of colonial flooring or simply create a new floor with a one-of-a-kind appearance, texturing techniques can help create an Oak floor filled with a sense of warmth and heritage.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our craftsmen use a variety of Oak floor texture techniques to give new planks the appearance of floors that have been lived on and walked on for generations. Offering a wide choice of options for hardwoods, wood grades, structure, color and pattern, we make it easy to design a surface that will be a welcome reminder of where you are, every time you return home.

Types of Oak floor texture

We offer several types of Oak floor texture that give new floors the sense of craftsmanship and authenticity normally found only in antique flooring.

  • Brushed texturing uses specially designed brushes with multilayered bristles to wear down the soft grains in the floorboard, creating the look of floors that have been gently worn down over time.
  • Hand-scraped edges reproduce the look of boards that were prepared for installation by hand, where the long edges were planed or softened to ease the transition from one board to the next.
  • Hit or Miss marks replicate the saw swirls and kerfs that were common on floorboards cut at early sawmills. These marks give new floorboards the rustic appearance of reclaimed timber, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Watermill texturing reproduces the imperfections and rough spots of planks that were milled at riverside watermills.
  • Timeworn techniques reproduce the Oak floor texture and patterns in the grain that are naturally produced by footsteps and the passage of time.
  • Footboard techniques reproduce the undulating patterns in boards that were smoothed by woodworkers using tools like Jack Planes or draw knives.

What is Oak floor texture?

Can textured Oak floors be stained?

Yes. While many of our customers prefer Oak color flooring that is treated with clear or amber finishes to create natural color wood floors, we also offer a virtually unlimited selection of stains and can match the hue of any item you send to us. Stains can be used to deepen the tone of Red Oak floor colors or to create very light or very dark White Oak floors, for example.

Can texture be added to Oak parquet floors?

Yes. Carlisle craftsmen can add a variety of textures to White Oak Chevron flooring or Red Oak Herringbone flooring, for example.

Can Oak floor texture be added to prefinished floors?

Yes. We can add texture to any prefinished floor, completing the tasks of sanding, texturing, staining and sealing the floor in the ideal conditions of our workshop. Your prefinished Carlisle floor will arrive at your home ready for a speedy and less expensive installation.

Does Carlisle offer engineered Oak floor texture treatments?

Yes. Our engineered Oak floors can be treated with the same texturing techniques as our solid hardwood floors.

What are the benefits of adding texture to Oak floors?

Adding texture helps to give a new Oak floor a greater sense of character and charm, creating a surface with a unique appearance and a sense of history and craftsmanship.

What is Oak floor texture?

Oak floor texture refers to techniques for texturing or distressing new Oak floors, adding imperfections and wearing away the grain to create the look of floors that are generations or centuries old.

Why choose wide plank Oak floors from Carlisle?

There’s truly nothing like a Carlisle wide plank Oak floor. For more than 50 years, we’ve been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America. Every Carlisle floor is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is the perfect expression of the homeowner’s sense of style and beauty. Our artisan woodworkers are equally at home with traditional rustic themes and fashion-forward styles as they craft wide plank floors with time-honored processes and the most reliable timber grown in America’s forests. From selecting the perfect planks for each floor to applying stain and Oak floor texture, our craftsmen attend to every detail to make sure your floor meets our strict quality standards and exceeds your highest expectations.

The only thing as impressive as our floors is our commitment to customer service. Throughout the design and ordering process, our expert consultants will walk you through every decision as you select the wood, structure, board widths, colors, patterns and the Oak floor texture that will make your Carlisle floor a stunning feature of your home.