Oak Flooring

Wide plank oak flooring brings more beauty to your space.

Wide plank oak flooring is truly a thing of beauty. Where the many seams in standard oak floors make a room seem busier, Carlisle wide plank oak flooring gives rooms a cleaner, more open and spacious look. The wider the plank, the more the history and beauty of each plank can be displayed, accenting any décor and completing every room.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors provides premium oak hardwood flooring for residential and commercial spaces. With oak flooring cut from the finest mature trees in sustainable forests, we offer floors that are unmatched in excellence, stability and durability to help you create an exceptional aesthetic experience in your space.

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Individually crafted oak flooring.

A New England flooring company, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a premium purveyor of the finest wide plank oak floors in the industry. Our timber is harvested only from sustainable forests in regions that are ideal for each species of tree, and we cut trees only once they have reached peak maturity. Every oak flooring board is hand-crafted and scrutinized by our expert craftsmen to deliver the highest quality. This process allows us to ensure not only the beauty of each plank, but its stability and durability as well.

While we’re dedicated to offering you the best in oak flooring materials, we’re also proud to provide you with expert assistance and personal care. When you choose Carlisle for your oak hardwood floors, you’ll work with some of the most knowledgeable people in the flooring industry. Whether you know exactly what you want in an oak hardwood floor or need a little guidance to sort through your options, our specialists will be there through the entire process to answer questions and provide insight.

White or red oak in unfinished or prefinished flooring.

Carlisle offers two kinds of oak wood flooring – white oak and red oak – and can deliver flooring unfinished and ready for staining or prefinished and ready to install. White oak flooring is a hard and resilient material, with nutty brown hues and dramatic features in the grain. Its versatility makes it perfect for casual, formal or contemporary designs alike.

Our red oak is grown exclusively in the cooler climes of the Northeast, where slower growth produces a tighter and more consistent grain than oak flooring harvested from warmer climates. In the hands of our skilled craftsmen, wide plank red oak hardwood flooring can create a rustic or a modern look, with exceptional widths and lengths.

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