Oak Hardwood Floor Colors

The beauty of Oak hardwood floor colors

There are several reasons that Oak is among the most popular light-colored hardwood floors, but chief among them is the beauty of Oak hardwood floor colors. Oak floors are generally made of Red Oak or White Oak timbers. Red Oak produces floorboards with tight, consistent grain patterns and deep salmon tones in the heartwood, while White Oak floors have nutty brown, cocoa hues with dramatic grain personality that ranges from vibrant swirls to simple and sleek patterns. Natural Oak hardwood floor colors can be accented in the finishing process with clear or amber sealants, or stains can be applied to create almost any hardwood floor colors.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer a wide selection of Oak hardwood floors and stains, as well as floors made from other hardwood, pine and reclaimed timbers. Our expert design consultants work closely with each customer to choose the ideal hardwood for any project, and to select the stain and finish colors that will create the desired ambience, energy and appearance in any room.

Oak hardwood floor colors at Carlisle

At Carlisle, our options for Oak hardwood floors include:

  • White Oak. Harvested from the Ohio River Valley and Western New York, White Oak timbers feature tight growth rings and nutty brown, cocoa hues. Dramatic grain patterns create floorboards with lots of personality, and the dense fibers in this wood make exceptionally durable floors for casual, formal or contemporary interiors.
  • Red Oak. We harvest Red Oak timbers exclusively from New Hampshire and Vermont, where cold winters promote slow growth in trees and help to produce tight, consistent grain that delivers boards in exceptional widths and lengths. Cut from the center of Red Oak trees, these planks feature Oak hardwood floor colors of deep, salmon tones in the heartwood. Red Oak is perfect for both rustic and contemporary wood floors.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak. Using a special technique that cuts floorboards at a 90° angle from the outer surface of the tree, we produce Rift & Quartersawn White Oak floors that have straight, parallel lines in the grain with vibrant ray flecks that radiate across each board. The consistency in the grain pattern makes for a strikingly beautiful hardwood floor that is perfect with modern and elegant home decor.
  • Reclaimed Oak. Also known as Antique Oak, Reclaimed Oak floors are made with timbers salvaged from old homes, barns and buildings, creating floorboards full of character from holes, cracks, knots and nail holes. Reclaimed timbers come in a wide range of Oak hardwood floor colors that tend to be darker and richer – the product of weather, foot traffic and age.

In addition to natural Red or White Oak hardwood floor colors, we provide a virtually unlimited choice in stains and finish colors, enabling you to get the exact hue you desire in your Carlisle floor. Our Carlisle Custom Color matching system will produce a stain color based on a paint swatch, a piece of fabric, a bit of tile or any other item you submit, meaning your choice of hardwood colors is limited only by your imagination.

Customizing your Oak hardwood floors

In addition to choosing from our variety of Oak floors and from a virtually unlimited selection of stains, we offer several other fascinating ways to customize Oak hardwood floor colors and appearance.

Distressing or texturing a floor adds an immediate sense of character to any floor, giving it the feeling of a floor that has been around for centuries. Our craftsmen are expert at methods such as Hand-Scraped Edges, Hit or Miss techniques and Watermill methods that add the markings and imperfections that were once the hallmark of floorboards produced by old-fashioned mills and that were hand-cut and scraped by craftsmen before installation. We also offer several proprietary techniques such as Brushed texturing, where our craftsmen “un-smooth” floorboards to give them a gently worn texture. Our Footworn flooring is treated to create the undulating patterns that are the product of boards that have been walked on for centuries, and our Timeworn techniques re-create the wear and unevenness of boards that have been lived on for more than three lifetimes.

Choosing a pattern can also help to customize your Carlisle wide plank Oak floor. We offer standard patterns such as Chevron, Versailles and Herringbone flooring, and our design consultants work with customers to create custom patterns or multi-colored hardwood floors that use several types of wood or other materials such as marble or tile to create one-of-a-kind surfaces.

Many Carlisle wide plank floors can be ordered as prefinished products, where the sanding, staining and sealing is performed under ideal conditions in our facilities before it is delivered for installation in the home. Prefinished floors streamline the installation process and let homeowners avoid the mess and inconvenience of finishing a floor on site.

We also offer a wide range of engineered floors that are ideal for installation over radiant heat, concrete slab and in rooms that are below grade. Floors made from engineered boards will be less resistant to the moisture and humidity in these spaces.

Why choose Oak floors from Carlisle?

When you come to Carlisle for wide plank Oak floors, you’ll be working with a company that has been at the forefront of hardwood flooring in America for more than half a century. The quality of our floors is unsurpassed – our expert craftsman painstakingly tend to every detail to make sure that every plank, every hand-scraped edge and every stain application is perfect, enabling us to realize your vision for an ideal Oak floor.

Working with our expert design consultants to create your floor is a pleasant and exciting experience. We’ll work closely with you to review all your design options – from choice of wood and width of planks to your selection of Oak hardwood floor colors. With Carlisle, you can be sure that when your floor has been delivered and installed, it will be a defining feature in your home and will constantly amaze you and remind you where you are, each and every time you walk through the door.