Oak Hardwood Flooring

Choose wide plank oak hardwood flooring for greater beauty and elegance.

There’s a striking difference between oak hardwood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors and other oak flooring. The many seams in a standard oak floor seem busy and hide the beauty of the wood. With wider, longer planks, Carlisle oak hardwood flooring dramatically cuts down on the number of seams in a floor to give any room a more open and spacious feel. With wider planks, you can see more of the history in the oak – sometimes as much as 150 to 200 years in a single plank – helping to give your space more character and distinct elegance.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, one of North America’s leading purveyors of hardwood flooring, provides hand-crafted oak hardwood flooring for residential and commercial spaces. Carlisle’s flooring experts will help you select the right oak floor for your space and your lifestyle, and work with you through the entire process to guarantee the end result will be an oak hardwood floor you absolutely love.

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Red or white oak, in new hardwood or antique flooring.

We offer hardwood flooring in both Red and White Oak. While some may consider Red Oak a more common flooring material, our timber is harvested only in the Northeast, where trees grow more slowly allowing a tight, consistent grain and enabling us to harvest boards of exceptional widths and lengths. Our White Oak wood flooring is a versatile product that can be finished to complement any design scheme. We also offer reclaimed oak floors, salvaged from old buildings along the Ohio River, that provide a striking rustic look with an Old World feel in hues from amber to rich nutty brown. Carlisle also offers both unfinished wood flooring and prefinished oak flooring.

Quality flooring in oak, maple, ash and other hardwood varieties.

We offer a wide variety of other solid hardwood floors, including floors in ash, birch, cherry, hickory, white and brown maple, and walnut. Our boards are harvested from trees primarily in New England, the upper Midwest, the Ohio River Valley, and parts of the Appalachians where weather conditions allow these trees to grow more slowly and reach maximum heights and diameters. This results in wood with tighter, denser, more beautiful grain that is perfect for our hardwood flooring. To ensure the sustainability of these forests, we work only with a small group of growers who harvest, on average, only one tree in every five acres for our hardwood floors.

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