Oak Hardwood Floors

A wide plank oak hardwood floor transforms any space.

When you want your oak floor to be distinctive, take a look at wide plank oak hardwood floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Our oak floors are more than something you walk on – they’re works of art, harvested from sustainable forests, and individually hand-crafted by our expert craftsmen.

We’re known for offering the widest and longest floor boards in the industry. Whether in a residential or commercial space, wider and longer boards reduce the number of seams in a floor to create a stunningly open and spacious feel. Our wide plank hardwood floors show more character of the oak, allowing you to see as much as 200 years of growth in a single plank. The result is a floor with remarkable elegance and personality, bringing greater beauty to your space.

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Oak hardwood floors, where each board is individually crafted.

Since our start in 1966, we have continually produced our oak hardwood floors in the same way: one board at a time. Our expert craftsmen work with a select group of timber growers to carefully select mature trees from hardwood stands in parts of the country best suited for producing quality oak floors. Our commitment to sustainability means we never use clear-cut tree stands. In fact, because of our meticulous standards, we select only one tree in every five acres on average.

The boards for our solid hardwood floors are cut from the heart of the tree to ensure the largest possible width and length. This also ensures our boards are less likely to warp or shrink with time. Our craftsmen carefully scrutinize every board by hand to ensure we are providing a product that will live up to our expectations as well as our customers’. The result is oak hardwood floors of extraordinary beauty, quality and longevity. We offer both site-finished and prefinished hardwood floor options.

Floors in red or white oak and other hardwood varieties.

You can choose from several kinds of oak hardwood floors at Carlisle. Our white oak hardwood flooring features nutty brown hues and dramatic grain markings, and can be finished for a variety of looks from casual to formal. Our red oak hardwood floors are harvested only from Northeastern stands, where slower growth produces a tighter, more consistent grain as well as wider and longer boards.

We also offer antique oak floors, fashioned from hardwood that has been salvaged from old buildings along the Ohio River valley and from Western Pennsylvania. With an age-worn look in hues of gold, amber and nutty brown, this antique wood flooring has a striking Old World look.

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