Oak herringbone flooring

Oak herringbone flooring makes a statement

Oak herringbone flooring has been adding elegance and luxury to stylish homes for centuries, and parquet floors with a herringbone flooring pattern are as in-demand as ever today. In herringbone flooring, the floorboards are all cut to the same length and each successive rectangular board is laid out at a 90° angle to create a zigzag pattern with a great deal of movement and asymmetry. The pleasing geometry of a herringbone floor adds visual interest and energy to any room, transforming a hardwood floor into a defining feature of the home.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we provide both Red Oak and White Oak herringbone flooring made from premium timbers sourced from America’s finest forests, selectively harvesting the best timbers to make each floor a unique work of art.

Types of Oak herringbone flooring

With Carlisle, you can choose from a variety of herringbone pattern wood floors.

Solid Oak herringbone flooring

The hardwood from our solid Oak herringbone flooring is sourced from three types of timber.

  • Red Oak is harvested from forests in New Hampshire and Vermont where cold winters slow the growth of the log and produce boards with tight, consistent grain and deep salmon tones in the heartwood.
  • White Oak planks boast dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek to intricate vibrant swirls with nutty brown, cocoa hues.
  • Rift and Quartersawn White Oak planks are harvested from trees in the best regions in the world, the Ohio River Valley and Western New York. Using a special cutting technique, the planks are cut at a 90° angle from the log’s growth rings to produce straight parallel lines in the grain that run the length of the plank.
  • Reclaimed Oak is salvaged from older buildings, farms and factories that are designated for demolition. These timbers have all the texture, color and character marks that only time can create, providing a unique and one-of-a-kind appearance for your Oak herringbone flooring.

Engineered Oak herringbone floors

Engineered floors are made with floorboards that use a veneer of hardwood on the surface, called the “wear layer”, which is glued to multiple layers of backing material. The result is a floor that is more impervious to changes in temperature and humidity, making it ideal for installation below grade, on concrete slab or over radiant heat.

Carlisle Oak herringbone floors can be made with a variety of engineered woods, and we offer two White Oak herringbone floor collections in popular stain colors. Our Studio Herringbone Collection is made with 4” engineered White Oak boards and features six classic colors, while our Manhattan Herringbone Is made with 4” Rift & Quartersawn White Oak and offers a choice of six on-trend colors.

Prefinished Oak herringbone flooring

Carlisle combines time-honored techniques with modern technology to produce prefinished floors that look and feel like floors finished on site. Our unique process enhances the rich character and beauty of the wood while delivering three times the durability of site-applied finishes and giving each board a deep, hand-rubbed appearance. With prefinished herringbone wood flooring, you can avoid the inconvenience and the mess of having floors sanded, stained and sealed within your home

Customizing your herringbone floor

In addition to your choice of wood, we offer additional ways to customize your Oak herringbone flooring.

While many manufacturers offer only a limited number of stain colors, we offer a virtually unlimited selection and can match almost any color to perfectly align your interior design choices.

You also have the option of texturing or distressing your Oak herringbone flooring, using a variety of techniques that give a new floor the appearance of a surface that’s been lived on for decades. Our texturing techniques include:

  • Hand-scraped edges that recreate the slightly softened edges of boards that were once prepared for installation by hand.
  • Watermill techniques that reproduce the slight roughness and saw marks from centuries-old riverside watermills.
  • Hit or Miss marks that reproduce the saw swirls or saw kerfs from milling techniques used before the advent of modern mills.
  • Brushed techniques that slightly wear down the softer grains in the wood to produce the look of a worn floor.
  • Timeworn methods that recreate the unique patterns in the grain that are typically created only by the passage of time.
  • Footworn techniques that reproduce the undulating patterns created when boards have been walked on for generations.

Why choose Oak herringbone flooring from Carlisle?

When you choose wide herringbone flooring from Carlisle, you know you’ll be living on one of the finest handcrafted wood floors in America. For more than 50 years, our craftsmen have used time-honored processes and the soundest and most reliable timber grown from America’s forests to produce masterpieces that grace the interiors of fine homes and stylish businesses throughout the world. When you come to Carlisle, our design consultants and knowledgeable specialists will work carefully with you to ensure that your floor is unique – the perfect reflection of your own sense of style and beauty. And whether you choose a floor from our extensive curated collections or work with our team to realize your own vision for an Oak herringbone surface, your floor will be created the same way: one plank at a time.