Oak Wood Floors

Add more charm to any room with wide plank oak wood floors.

Wide plank oak wood floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of any space. With wider and longer planks, Carlisle’s oak hardwood flooring has fewer seams, reducing the number of lines in the floor and creating a less distracting, more open and spacious feel. Wider planks also mean more of the character of the oak can be seen in the boards – many planks reveal as much as 200 years of a tree’s history and growth, giving your floor more character and personality. Ultimately, wide plank oak wood floors from Carlisle transform your floor from something you walk on to a work of art you will live with for years to come.

Founded in 1966, Carlisle has become one of North America’s leading manufacturers of wide plank wood floors for residential and commercial spaces throughout the world.

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Carlisle offers quality Red and White Oak wood floors.

Our new oak wood floors are made from Red or White Oak. White Oak is a hard, resilient wood with dramatic grain features and dense fiber for a highly durable floor. White oak wood floors can be finished for any design aesthetic, including contemporary, casual and formal.

Red Oak wood floors at Carlisle are made from trees grown solely in the Northeast, where slower growth results in more consistent grain that allows us to cut and mill boards of greater widths and lengths.

Carlisle also produces a superior engineered hardwood flooring with an oak finish, as well as prefinished hardwood floor options in oak and other hardwoods.

Antique oak and other wood floors.

Also available from Carlisle: reclaimed oak floors. Created from boards taken from historic buildings along the Ohio River Valley, a reclaimed oak floor preserves all the imperfections of the original wood for a truly striking rustic floor.

In addition to oak wood floors, Carlisle offers a number of other products:

  • New solid hardwood flooring in a variety of woods, including ash, birch, cherry, hickory, walnut, and white and brown maple. Our new hardwood floors are made from trees grown in regions with cool, short summers, which help produce tighter, denser grains that are optimal for wide plank wood floors.
  • Reclaimed floors in chestnut, heart pine, and milled barnwood, as well as several even more rustic options.
  • Prefinished wood flooring in a variety of wood finishes.

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