Old wood floor texture

The charm of old wood floor texture

While there’s nothing quite like the charm of an old wood floor, modern distressing techniques that give new floors an aged appearance can come pretty close. By wearing away the softer grains or adding imperfections to the planks, distressing techniques give new floorboards an old wood floor texture that adds a sense of character and heritage to any floor.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our craftsmen use a variety of wood floor texture techniques to create truly one-of-a-kind surfaces that become stunning design elements for stylish interiors. Our expert design consultants can work with you to explore your options for textured wood flooring as well as a wide selection of hardwoods, grades, color and pattern to create a floor that will become a defining feature of your home.

Choosing an old wood floor texture

Carlisle craftsmen use a variety of techniques to create the less-than-perfect surfaces that are typical of older floors.

  • Brushed wood flooring is a light wood flooring texture technique that gives new floorboards the appearance of wood worn down by everyday use over generations.
  • Hand-scraped edges recreate the look of boards from a time when planks were prepared by hand and woodworkers would scrape the edges of slightly thicker boards to ease the transition from one board to the next. Hand-scraped edges are popular among customers seeking authentic colonial flooring.
  • Watermill techniques reproduce the imperfections and rough areas in boards that were originally sawn at riverside watermills.
  • Footworn texturing replicates the look of boards that were planed smooth using hand tools like Jack Planes or draw knives.
  • Timeworn techniques reproduce the natural patterns of boards that have been worn down by traffic and time.
  • Hit or Miss texturing recreates the saw markings or kerfs on boards cut at early sawmills.

FAQs: What is old wood floor texture?

What is old wood floor texture?

Old wood floor texture may refer to the types of marks and rough patches that were left on wooden planks by early sawmills or watermills. Old wood floor texture may also refer to the gently worn appearance of boards that have been lived on and walked on for generations.

How do Carlisle craftsman give new floors an old wood floor texture?

We recreate old wood floor texture by adding marks and imperfections to floors, and by using tools that wear away the grain in new floorboards – just as time, weather and foot traffic can wear down older floorboards.

Can engineered floors be treated with old wood floor texture?

Yes. Carlisle engineered floors can easily be treated with a variety of texturing techniques. Engineered floors are designed for installation in basements, over radiant heat or on concrete slab – locations that may be exposed to extreme temperatures and higher levels of moisture and humidity.

Can Carlisle floors with an old wood floor texture be prefinished?

Yes. The prefinishing process enables us to add hardwood floor texture and to sand, stain and seal a floor within the ideal conditions of our workshop. Your prefinished floor will arrive at your home ready for a fast and less expensive installation. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of avoiding the hassle and mess of having a floor sanded and stained inside your home.

What types of wood are best for texturing treatments?

Any hardwood or pine floor can be treated with an old wood floor texture. At Carlisle, we offer 10 species of hardwood and three types of pine, along with six kinds of reclaimed surfaces that have an old wood floor texture already built in.

Why choose wide plank floors from Carlisle?

For more than 50 years, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has been crafting the finest floors in America. Our talented woodworkers are masters of detail who produce one-of-a-kind surfaces that are handcrafted with unmatched passion, purpose and pride. Your Carlisle floor will be the perfect reflection of your sense of style and beauty – a defining feature of your home that will serve as a welcome reminder of where you are, every time you walk through the door.

Our knowledgeable design consultants make the process of creating your floor a true pleasure. We’ll walk you through every option for customizing your floor, from your choice of wood and color to your options for adding old wood floor texture. Our goal is to make sure that your floor meets our exacting standards and exceeds your highest expectations for beauty, quality and durability.