Parquet engineered wood flooring

Classic meets contemporary in parquet engineered wood flooring

Parquet engineered wood flooring offers the best of both worlds. Providing the classic charm and elegance of patterned wood floors, engineered parquet flooring also takes advantage of the latest technology to produce floors that are more resistant to temperature and humidity changes, and perfect for installation in locations like industrial flats and penthouse lofts.

When you want the finest parquet engineered wood flooring available today, you’ll find a wide range of options and amazingly helpful design consultants at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

FAQs: what is parquet engineered wood flooring?

What is parquet engineered wood flooring?

Parquet engineered wood flooring is a floor where the floorboards are installed with a pattern, rather than in the standard side-by-side arrangement, and where the floorboards are made from engineered wood rather than solid hardwood.

What are the advantages of engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood is created by gluing a top level of hardwood, called the wear layer, to multiple layers of backing material to create a floorboard that won’t crack or warp when installed in locations with higher levels of humidity or where temperature may fluctuate a great deal. Consequently, engineered floors are ideal for installation on concrete slab, over radiant heat or in below grade locations like basements.

What kinds of parquet engineered wood flooring does Carlisle offer?

In addition to floors created with custom patterns, we offer two curated collections of engineered floors with herringbone pattern that are ideal for installation in urban interiors. Our Manhattan Herringbone Collection combines the classic look of a parquet flooring with herringbone pattern with the elegant beauty of Rift & Quartersawn White Oak. This collection is offered in six on-trend colors to create a visually stunning backdrop for a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Our Studio Herringbone Collection uses White Oak engineered floorboards and five classic stain colors to give urban spaces a classic vibe.

Can parquet engineered wood flooring be stained?

Yes. Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited selection of stain colors, making it easy to create the dramatic beauty of dark parquet flooring or the bright and airy feeling of light parquet floors.

The advantages of Carlisle parquet engineered wood flooring

Carlisle engineered wood flooring offers a number of benefits over standard commercial engineered floorboards. While the top layer of standard engineered products is typically only 1mm to 2mm thick, Carlisle uses a 3mm wear layer that enables the floor to be refinished just as often as a solid wood floor. Carlisle engineered floorboards are backed by 11 layers of Baltic Birch hardwood, one of the strongest backing materials available, while other products tend to use fewer layers of less resilient material like plywood or fiberboard. Additionally, Carlisle engineered floorboards are:

  • Wider and longer. Carlisle engineered boards can be produced up to 10” wide and 12’ long, while the industry-standard board is typically 3” wide and only 3’ long.
  • Richer in color. Carlisle uses only center cut boards that maximize the amount of heartwood throughout the entire floor for richer overall color.
  • Made in the USA. All Carlisle engineered flooring is made in America, at our own factory, while a large percentage of engineered flooring from other manufacturers is not produced in the US.
  • Manufactured with Slowcraft™. Carlisle’s Slowcraft process ensures the highest quality standards are met in each phase of production, while many competitors’ engineered floorboards are mass-produced, resulting in different milling thicknesses, tolerances, color and grading.

Design your parquet engineered wood flooring with Carlisle

When you come to Carlisle for parquet engineered wood flooring, you know you’re ordering the finest handcrafted wood floors on the market. Whether it’s a solid or engineered hardwood product, your Carlisle floor will be manufactured the same way: one plank at the time. Our craftsman focus on perfection in every detail of your floor, from selecting planks that reveal the personality of your choice of hardwood to applying the perfect stain color or texturing a board with a subtle hand-scraped edge. Each Carlisle floor is unique, a perfect expression of your sense of style, and a stunning design feature that will amaze and delight you each time you enter the room.