Parquet floor designs

Your guide to parquet floor designs

Parquet floor designs first graced wealthy manors and castles in the 16th century, and today parquet flooring is making a resurgence with installations in some of the finest residential interiors around the world.

With parquet floor designs, the boards of a hardwood floor are installed in a pattern rather than in the traditional side-by-side arrangement. Hardwood parquet flooring is fashionable among homeowners who want to create visually stunning interiors and to add a sense of sophistication and luxury to their homes.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer parquet floor designs that include several sought-after classics, and our design consultants work with customers to create their own unique parquet patterns for a one-of-a-kind floor.

Types of parquet floor designs

The variety of parquet floor designs is virtually unlimited, as floorboards can be arranged in any number of ways. At Carlisle, we offer three standard wood parquet patterns that are among the most popular choices for homeowners everywhere.

Herringbone parquet floor designs feature a zigzag arrangement where each board adjoins another at a right angle, creating a strong sense of movement and flow through the room. Each board is cut to an identical length and the planks are typically shorter than Carlisle’s traditional wide plank floorboards.

Chevron parquet flooring also uses a zigzag layout, but the ends of each board are cut to create a sharp point where the boards meet, producing a V-shaped design. The shape of the V can be altered by cutting the ends of boards at different angles.

Versailles parquet flooring, named for the floors in the Versailles Palace, uses square panels of wood flooring within which the floorboards are laid out in a mosaic pattern that produces a woven effect.

Our design consultants can also work with you to create a custom pattern for an entire floor or for borders and dramatic focal points within a room. Parquet flooring may also use more than one wood color, creating light and dark parquet flooring for example, or it may incorporate other materials like marble or tile for even more visual interest.

FAQs: all the detail on parquet floor designs

What are parquet floor designs?

Parquet floor designs are patterns for the way that the boards in a wood floor are laid out. While traditional hardwood floors are created with parallel strips of wood, parquet floor designs may install the boards at angles, in a checkerboard fashion or in intricate puzzle-like designs that adds great visual interest to any room.

What are the advantages of a parquet floor?

Parquet patterns of wood flooring add dramatic beauty and visual interest to a room, infusing a space with a sense of elegance, sophistication and luxury. A parquet floor becomes a central visual element within an interior, helping to elevate the design of a room.

Can parquet floors designs be made from engineered wood?

Yes. Virtually any kind of solid or engineered wood can be used to create a parquet floor. Carlisle offers two collections of parquet engineered wood flooring: the Manhattan Herringbone Collection and the Studio Herringbone Collection, both of which are ideal for installation over radiant heat, on concrete slab or in settings where moisture and humidity may be higher than normal.

Can you prefinished a parquet floor?

Yes. A prefinished parquet floor is one that is sanded, stained and sealed in our facility before being shipped to your home for installation. Prefinishing a parquet floor lets you avoid the mess that finishing a floor on site can cause. And thanks to Carlisle Custom Coat® finishing processes, our prefinished floors look and feel identical to floors finished on site.

Carlisle: your #1 source for wide plank parquet floors

Carlisle brings more than 50 years’ experience crafting the finest wood floors in America to every new flooring project. Every floor we create is unique – the product of the highest quality raw materials available, the time-honored processes we used to fashion them, and an exceptional level of craftsmanship that is at home with both rustic themes and fashion-forward styles. Your Carlisle wide plank floor with parquet floor designs will be a masterpiece in wood that is the perfect expression of your sense of style and beauty.

At Carlisle, your floor is created in close collaboration with your Carlisle design consultant. These specialists are experts at helping you to understand the variety of design options available to you and working with you to choose the attributes of your floor that will create a one-of-a-kind surface on which to live. Once your floor is delivered and installed, it will become a defining feature of your space that will delight you every time you enter the room.