Parquet flooring colors

How to choose parquet flooring colors

When you’re considering parquet floors, one of your biggest decisions will be about color. The pattern in a parquet floor can often be accentuated by using different colors of wood or stain. A Herringbone or Chevron pattern wood floor might use subtle differences between planks to create more texture, while Versailles flooring often uses boldly different parquet flooring colors. And since changing the color of a patterned floor is much more difficult than simply refinishing a standard hardwood floor, you want to be sure that you will be comfortable with the parquet colors you select for a good period of time.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our design consultants are experts at helping you to realize your vision for parquet or wide plank flooring. We’ll walk you through all the choices in hardwood colors and stains to help you design a floor that will become a defining feature of your home.

FAQs: What are parquet flooring colors?

What are parquet floors?

Parquet floors are floors that are installed with a pattern, rather than floors where the boards are installed in the parallel fashion that is common to commercial flooring. Common parquet patterns include Herringbone and Chevron, which both use a zigzag pattern, and Versailles, which uses an intricate puzzle-like pattern that creates a woven appearance.

What are parquet flooring colors?

Parquet flooring colors are the natural colors of the wood used in a parquet floor, or the stain colors used to treat the floorboards. Parquet patterns are often made with wood featuring several different types of color to accentuate the pattern.

Can parquet flooring be finished with stain colors?

Yes. At Carlisle, we offer a virtually unlimited assortment of stain colors and our Carlisle Custom Color match system makes it easy to match the color of any sample you bring us.

What colors does engineered parquet flooring come in?

Engineered parquet flooring from Carlisle can be installed with a wide variety of parquet flooring colors. Many customers prefer the natural color of the hardwood species they choose for their parquet floor, while others choose to stain their engineered floors to match their interior design scheme.

Choosing the color of your hardwood floor

When considering parquet flooring colors, the type of hardwood you choose will have a significant impact on the color of your floor. At Carlisle, we offer 10 species of hardwood for our parquet floors, each with its own color variations.

  • Ash offers color tones that range from cream to light blonde and rich nutty brown hues.
  • Birch floorboards tend to feature blonde outer edges and warm amber portions.
  • Brown Maple boards have hues of rich gold, amber and brown.
  • Cherry has deep red tones that can be polished to a burnished auburn color.
  • Hickory features lighter blonde sapwood to cocoa brown and beige heartwood.
  • Red Oak color flooring features deep, salmon tones.
  • Walnut floors are known for their rich chocolate hues with auburn undertones.
  • White Maple delivers clean and lighter hues for a more neutral finish.
  • White Oak offers light, nutty brown hues.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak also offers light brown hues, but the boards are cut with a technique that produces long, straight parallel lines in the grain.

Carlisle also offers a virtually unlimited variety of stain colors, as well as collections of classic and trending wood floor colors, including grey color hardwood flooring.

Carlisle: your #1 source for parquet flooring colors

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has produced exceptional wide plank floors for museums, restaurants, boutiques and stylish homes around the world. Every one of our floors is a masterpiece handcrafted in wood, and a singular design feature that elevates the beauty of any space. Like all our products, our parquet floors are crafted one plank at a time by artisan woodworkers with a passion for perfection and an obsession with fine wood. No detail of a parquet floor is too small to escape their attention – they choose, prepare and finish each board with care, painstakingly applying parquet flooring colors and stains to create a floor that will meet our high standards and exceeds your expectations.

The remarkable quality of our floors is matched only by the dedication of our customer service team. From walking you through all the choices in hardwoods and grades to selecting textures and parquet flooring colors, you’ll find that the process of designing your Carlisle floor is almost as pleasurable as living on it.