Parquet patterns of wood flooring

The luxury of parquet patterns of wood flooring

Parquet patterns in wood flooring elevate simple hardwood floors to beautiful works of art. Originally found in the palaces, castles and manors of 16th-century European aristocrats, parquet flooring today is as popular as ever as stylish homeowners everywhere are choosing patterned floors to add luxury and elegance to their interiors.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers a wide variety of options for wood flooring with parquet patterns, including standard patterns like Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles and custom parquet patterns that can make your Carlisle floor truly unique.

Types of parquet patterns of wood flooring

Parquet patterns of wood flooring involve a more intricate and detailed installation, where the floorboards are cut to precise measurements and installed in patterns that range from simple geometric forms to complex and ornate arrangements.

Herringbone is a highly popular pattern that features rectangular boards of equal size which are laid out in a zigzag fashion, with each board meeting another at a right angle. Parquet flooring with herringbone patterns produces a strong sense of movement, and the angular arrangement has an overlapping asymmetry that adds a great deal of visual appeal.

The chevron pattern is similar to herringbone, but the ends of each board are cut at an angle so that the boards form a V shape when they’re laid next to each other. While still retaining the angular zigzag quality, chevron parquet patterns and wood flooring have a slightly cleaner, more orderly feeling. And whereas herringbone patterns almost always use a strict 90° angle, you can alter the angle of the boards in a Chevron floor by simply adjusting the angle at which the ends are cut.

Versailles hardwood parquet flooring is named for the floors in the palace of King Louis XIV and features large squares of wood within which the boards are cut to produce a woven appearance.

At Carlisle, our design consultants are experts at helping you choose a pattern or help you create your own to produce a floor that will astonish and delight you for years to come.

How to customize your parquet floors

Parquet patterns of wood flooring are just one way to customize your hardwood floor. At Carlisle, we offer a number of other ways to produce a floor that is truly an expression of your sense of style and beauty.

Choosing the wood

We offer 10 types of hardwood, three forms of pine and a selection of reclaimed timbers that provide you with a wide range of options for wood flooring with parquet patterns. Each species features different levels of hardness, varying types of grain patterns, a range of hues and other qualities that form the foundation of your wood flooring.

Selecting a structure

We offer both solid and engineered wood floors that are made with the same exacting standards and which can be installed throughout the home on a variety of subfloor systems. Our engineered wood flooring is produced with a thicker hardwood veneer or “wear layer” and up to 11 layers of birch hardwood backing to create the most stable and durable core available on the market today. Engineered floors are ideal for installation in areas where temperature and humidity may fluctuate more, such as installation over radiant heat, on concrete slab or below grade. At Carlisle, we offer several collections of parquet engineered wood flooring, including two Herringbone collections that are ideal for cosmopolitan interiors.

Deciding on color

While some homeowners prefer a finish that accents the natural color of the wood, others choose to stain their floor with hardwood floor colors to achieve a very specific look or to serve the needs of an interior design scheme. At Carlisle, we have a virtually unlimited selection of stain colors, enabling you to choose light or dark parquet flooring, thanks to our ability to custom match almost any color you bring to us.

Texturing the wood

Texturing or distressing your floorboards can enhance parquet patterns of wood flooring with a greater sense of character, giving your floor the appearance of a surface that has been lived on for generations and slightly worn by foot traffic and weather. We offer a variety of techniques to give your floor and aged appearance, including hand-scraped edges, adding saw swirls or saw kerfs, and using techniques to gently wear away the softer grains.

Creating parquet patterns with Carlisle

With Carlisle, the process of choosing parquet patterns for wood flooring is almost as pleasurable as living on your finished Carlisle floor. Our design consultants are experts at answering questions, providing knowledgeable assistance and guiding you through every step of the process of creating your Carlisle wide plank floor.

For more than 50 years, our artisans have been handcrafting the finest floors in America, using timber sourced from the soundest and most reliable American forests. Combining time-honored processes with an incredible attention to detail, our craftsmen produce floors that are masterpieces handcrafted in wood that will become a defining feature of your home.