Patterned wood floor designs

Add elegance with patterned wood floor designs

Patterned wood floor designs – also known as parquet flooring – can help to transform any room, bringing a greater sense of elegance, luxury and visual interest. Originally found in the 16th century in the manors and castles of wealthy European aristocrats, patterned wood floor designs today are being installed in some of the finest residential and commercial interiors around the world.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a premier source for the highest quality patterned wood floor designs, providing clients access to a wide variety of woods, colors and types of wood floor patterns. Choose from standard patterns like Chevron, Herringbone or Versailles, or work with our design specialists to create your own unique pattern.

What are patterned wood floor designs?

Patterned wood floor designs are used to create greater visual interest in a wood floor. Rather than installing a wood floor with parallel strips side-by-side, parquet floors may use a wide variety of hardwood floor patterns where floorboards are laid out at angles, in a checkerboard fashion or in intricate puzzle-like designs.

Why use a pattern in a wood floor?

Hardwood patterns in a floor help to make the surface a more central feature of the interior design while adding greater elegance and beauty to room.

Can any wood be used with patterned wood floor designs?

Yes. Any wood that is used in a floor can be used for hardwood floor layout patterns, and some patterns add even more interest and complexity by using other materials like marble or tile as part of a pattern.

Are prefinished floors available in designs?

Prefinished floors can easily be created with wood plank patterns. When a parquet floor is prefinished at a manufacturer’s facility, stronger sealants can be applied to provide greater protection for the wood. Prefinishing a patterned floor also allows the homeowner to avoid the mess and odor of finishing a floor on site.

Can engineered floors be installed with patterned wood floor designs?

Engineered floors can be installed with patterns quite easily. Carlisle offers two collections of engineered flooring with Herringbone patterns that are ideal for installation over radiant heat or concrete slab, or in locations below grade or where high levels of moisture are present.

Types of patterned wood floor designs

While there are essentially an unlimited number of patterned wood floor designs that homeowners can choose from, Carlisle customers tend to choose from three very popular designs.

In a Chevron pattern, the floorboards meet to form a V shape, creating a zigzag pattern and strong a sense of movement across the floor. The angle of the V in a Chevron pattern can be adjusted by cutting the ends of the boards at different angles.

A Herringbone pattern also features a zigzag shape, but the boards are adjoined at right angles to one another and the ends are not cut, providing more of an overlapping feel.

In a Versailles pattern, named for the floors in the palace of Louis XIV, the floor is divided into large squares within which the floorboards are arranged in an intricate interwoven pattern.

In addition to offering a choice of different wood floor patterns, Carlisle customers can also create their own designs. Patterned wood floor designs may be used for an entire room, or to create room borders and focal points that add dramatic visual interest.

Exceptional customer service with Carlisle

When you come to Carlisle for patterned wood floor designs, you will not only be impressed by the quality of our product but by the attentiveness of our customer service as well. From your initial contact or visit to a showroom through your choice of hardwoods, colors and patterns through the delivery and installation of your floor, our design specialists and customer service team will work with you constantly to make sure every question is answered, every detail is perfect and that your floor is the one-of-a-kind masterpiece that exceeds your expectations. Carlisle design specialists are experts at helping to turn your vision for a floor into a reality, and at making the process of creating your floor as pleasurable as living on it.

Why choose patterned wood floor designs from Carlisle?

When you choose a Carlisle floor, you know your floor will be a handcrafted masterpiece that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style. For over 50 years, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has been the source of America’s finest wood floors, each surface reflecting the natural beauty of the highest quality raw materials available. Our expert craftsmen take great pride in our time-honored processes, obsessing over every detail – from sourcing the soundest timber to selecting the best wide planks to applying the perfect stain color or adding the ideal texture. With Carlisle, you can be sure that your one-of-a-kind hardwood floor will be a defining feature in your home that continues to delight and amaze you for years to come.