Pine Floor

A wide plank pine floor offers distinctive charm.

A wide plank pine floor can turn any room into a stunning space. With wide plank pine flooring, the number of seams in the floor can be reduced by up to 500%, dramatically transforming the room and giving it a cleaner, more spacious appearance. The wider the boards, the more the history of the pine timber is revealed, filling the room with more character and personality.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers a variety of new and reclaimed pine floor products, including unfinished hardwood flooring and prefinished wood floor products in pine, sustainably harvested and hand-crafted one board at a time to deliver a floor that is truly one of a kind.

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A Carlisle pine floor is made one board at a time.

At Carlisle, we harvest pine timbers only from sustainable forests and cut on average only one tree from every five acres of woods. Each board is meticulously inspected and handcrafted to the highest standards of quality. Carlisle craftsmen are experts at reading the wood and assembling floors that reveal the beauty of the pine. While other wood floor factories produce more than 5000 square feet of board per hour, we average just 360 square feet – it’s our guarantee that every board will be produced with care and close inspection.

Carlisle offers several pine floor options:

  • Longleaf heart pine flooring, well known for its use during the American Industrial Revolution, has a warm patina and rich colors of pumpkin, amber and darker hues. Long leaf heart pine can be milled to several different grades allowing it to be used both in formal and more casual settings.
  • Eastern white pine, hand-selected from the region’s most mature trees, has a dense and assertive grain with supple knots. Strong and durable, eastern white pine wears in over the years giving each pine floor a unique character.
  • Hit or miss eastern white pine is a new pine floor that is hand-distressed by our craftsmen to give it the appearance of a pine floor milled centuries ago.

Other floor products, in pine and other hardwoods.

Along with our new pine floors, we offer reclaimed heart pine floors salvaged from old commercial buildings and barns and fashioned into rustic flooring.

Carlisle manufactures new hardwood floors for installation in homes and businesses throughout the world. Using our four decades of expertise in designing and installing the finest quality floors on the market, we have developed prefinished hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring products that lead the industry in quality and durability.

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