Pine Flooring

Wide plank pine flooring brings warmth and beauty to any room.

For a warm, distinctive look for your residence or business, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers the finest in pine flooring. Pine has a unique history as one of the great traditional American flooring materials and was widely used in wood floors during the American Industrial Revolution. Today, our wide plank pine flooring brings warmth and distinctive beauty to any room. With fewer seams in the floor, wide plank pine gives a room an open and more spacious feel, and allows more of the wood’s history and character to be seen. Carlisle pine flooring is not just a floor—it’s an architectural element that will grace your room for years to come.

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The finest pine flooring, from sustainable tree stands.

As one of North America’s premium purveyors of wide plank pine flooring, we take sustainability very seriously. We only use timbers cut from sustainable forests and our strict standards for quality mean that, on average, only one tree in every five acres of forest is harvested for our pine floor products.

At Carlisle you have several choices in pine flooring:

  • Eastern White Pine flooring offers a signature grain profile that is dense and assertive, with subtle, nature-laced knots. Eastern White Pine is a durable wood that wears in over time to provide the unique look and feel of Americana.
  • Longleaf Heart Pine flooring, cut from the heart of mature pine trees, has a hardness that rivals oak and a warm color that ranges from amber and pumpkin to darker hues. Our Longleaf Pine flooring comes in a variety of grades for a more formal or a more rustic appearance.
  • Hit or Miss Eastern White Pine flooring, quite popular for rustic cabins as well as restaurants seeking a certain ambience, is hand-distressed to achieve the look of pine floors milled centuries ago, when the milling machinery would skip across the boards leaving saw kerf marks.

Reclaimed pine, oak and chestnut flooring adds rustic charm.

In addition to new pine flooring we offer reclaimed floors in pine (as well as oak, chestnut and milled barnwood) that provide a unique rustic look and a connection to early American history. Reclaimed floors are made from wide planks salvaged from barns, commercial spaces and warehouses in specific regions of the Northern United States. The wood is cleaned and then milled lightly to preserve all of the nail holes, saw kerfs, water stains and other imperfections that give the wood its character.

Carlisle also offers prefinished wood flooring in both pine and hardwood, and engineered wood flooring that combines a layer of finished wood with several layers of backing for an affordable alternative to solid wood floors.

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