Pre-cut Chevron wood flooring

The advantage of pre-cut Chevron wood flooring

When you want to install a Chevron wood floor with minimal fuss, mess and inconvenience, choosing pre-cut Chevron wood flooring is the way to go.

A Chevron hardwood floor can be a stunning addition to any room, adding visual appeal and a sense of spaciousness. But finishing a floor on site can be a trying process. Sanding a floor sends sawdust everywhere and the noxious odors of stains and sealants can be unpleasant. Plus, there’s the inconvenience of having to vacate your home for a day or two while the sealants dry.

With pre-cut Chevron wood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, your floor arrives already sanded, stained, sealed and ready for installation. You’ll not only skip the mess and inconvenience, but you’ll save money on the cost of installation as well.

When you’re ready to consider a prefinished Chevron floor, Carlisle design consultants are ready to help you create a floor that will transform any room and be a stunning design feature of your home for years to come.

Chevron flooring and other parquet floors from Carlisle

The Chevron floor pattern is a classic in parquet floors and has been gracing elegant homes, manors and palaces since the 16th century. To create a Chevron pattern, the ends of each floorboard are cut at an angle so that when two boards meet, they form a perfect V shape. The boards are laid out in a zigzag fashion across the entire floor, forming long strings of arrow-shaped Chevrons that produce a stunning visual effect and a great sense of movement and energy. A Chevron pattern wood floor can also help to make a smaller room seem larger.

At Carlisle, we offer several other standard patterns in addition to Chevron. The Herringbone pattern also features a zigzag geometry, but the ends of the boards remain uncut so that each board is a perfect rectangle. Each board abuts another at a 45° angle, creating a broken or overlapping zigzag with a pleasing sense of asymmetry.

We also offer a Versailles pattern, which is named for the floors in the famous French palace. This pattern features floorboards cut in a variety of squares and rectangles and pieced together like a puzzle to form an interwoven appearance.

Carlisle design consultants also frequently work with customers to create custom patterns for one-of-a-kind installations.

FAQs: What is pre-cut Chevron wood flooring?

What is parquet wood flooring?

Parquet wood flooring is a hardwood floor that is installed with a pattern rather than in parallel strips. Parquet flooring originated in Europe in the 16th century, when wealthy owners of manors and castles wanted a more ornate and luxurious appearance for their wood floors. A parquet wood floor may be fashioned with a simple pattern such as a Herringbone, or with incredibly complicated patterns that require extreme precision in cutting and fitting pieces together, almost like a jigsaw puzzle.

Can pre-cut Chevron wood flooring be textured?

Yes. Our craftsmen are experts at applying a variety of textures – including several that are offered only by Carlisle – to give a new Chevron pattern hardwood floor the appearance of an antique floor.

Can engineered floors be prefinished?

Yes. Carlisle engineered floors can be prefinished. Engineered floors are designed to withstand higher levels of moisture, humidity and temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for installation below grade, over radiant heat and on concrete slab.

What are the advantages of prefinished flooring?

A prefinished Chevron pattern wood floor enables the homeowner to avoid the inconvenience and mess of having a floor finished after it is installed in the home. At Carlisle, our Carlisle Custom Coat® process combines time-honored techniques with modern technology for a prefinished wood floor with extraordinary character and beauty. We use small batch production and a specialized three-coat process that delivers up to three times the durability of site-applied finishes while giving each board a deep hand-rubbed appearance.

What is pre-cut Chevron wood flooring?

Pre-cut Chevron wood flooring is a parquet wood floor with a Chevron pattern that is cut, sanded, stained and sealed at Carlisle’s facility before it is shipped to a home or business for installation.

Why Carlisle is #1 in wood flooring

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the premier source for pre-cut Chevron wood flooring of the highest quality. We’ve been making exceptional wood floors in America for more than half a century. Working with a small and carefully selected group of growers and sawyers who share our standards for sustainability, we procure timbers from the parts of the country were each species grows best, and we handcraft our floors one at a time to significantly reduce overall waste. Our craftspeople are artisan woodworkers who are equally skilled at creating floors with traditional rustic themes or fashion-forward styles.

The quality of our flooring is matched only by the attentiveness of our customer service. Our design consultants are experts in helping you realize your vision for a one-of-a-kind surface and guiding you through all the choices of wood, textures, and colors. When you choose pre-cut Chevron wood flooring from Carlisle, you’ll have a masterpiece in wood that will be the perfect reflection of your sense of style and taste.