Prefinished Hardwood Floor

Get a quality prefinished hardwood floor from Carlisle.

A prefinished hardwood floor offers the promise of a faster and less expensive installation. Yet many prefinished hardwood floor products don’t measure up when it comes to quality. Many lack the finished look of a standard wood floor and because they can’t be touched up or refinished, they won’t last as long as a hardwood floor that is finished onsite.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has solved this problem with Carlisle Custom Coat™ Prefinished Floors. Using our many years of experience designing and installing wide plank wood flooring, we’ve developed a prefinished wide plank hardwood floor designed to bring out the beauty of the wood, rather than giving it a plastic look. And Carlisle prefinished floors can be touched up and cleaned easily for a longer lasting product.

Learn more about Carlisle prefinished hardwood floor options, including prefinished oak flooring and prefinished cherry wood floors.

Advantages of Carlisle’s prefinished hardwood floor.

When you come to Carlisle for your prefinished hardwood floor, you can count on:

  • A more elegant and natural looking floor. Our wide plank prefinished floors bring out more of the character of the wood. With boards as wide as 12 inches, our floors can dramatically improve the look of your room. All of our pine, hardwood and hand-distressed wood flooring can be prefinished.
  • A higher quality finish. We use a high quality acrylic urethane to prefinish our floors, which gives you a more durable floor that is easy to touch up. .
  • All floors are stained on the tongue and groove.
  • A floor customized to your desire. We offer a variety of stains and will create a custom color if you can’t immediately find the hue that you want.
  • Floors that are friendly to the environment. Because our finishes contain no measurable VOCs and there is no off-gassing onsite, our prefinished hardwood floor products are easy on the environment.

Beyond prefinished: other floor products in unfinished hardwood

Sure, we offer the best prefinished hardwood floor products in the industry. But we made our name by offering a wide variety of premium floor products including:

  • New pine and hardwood floors, including ash, birch, hickory, cherry, walnut, oak and maple wood flooring.
  • Reclaimed or antique hardwood floor products, taken from old buildings in parts of the country ideally suited for the preservation of old timbers, and carefully fashioned into floors that have a rugged and rustic charm. We offer reclaimed heart pine, chestnut, barnwood and oak floors.
  • Hand-distressed floors made from new timbers and treated to look antique.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring that combines a hardwood veneer with a less costly backing, for a less expensive flooring product.

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