Prefinished Heart Pine Flooring

An introduction to prefinished Heart Pine flooring

When you’re interested in the warm colors and rich history of Heart Pine flooring but don’t want the mess and inconvenience of finishing a hardwood floor on site, prefinished Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the answer.

In this brief guide to prefinished Heart Pine flooring, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of prefinished floors and the options for customizing them to create a unique wide plank floor.

What is prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Heart Pine flooring is a wood floor made with planks cut from the heartwood of Longleaf Yellow Pine trees. At Carlisle, Heart Pine floors are made exclusively with boards from the Longleaf Pine tree, grown in optimal climate conditions in Alabama to produce boards with hues that range from pumpkin and amber to darker, more modern colors.

Prefinished Heart Pine flooring is a floor that is sanded, stained and sealed in our manufacturing facility before it is delivered to your home or business. Unfinished Heart Pine flooring, on the other hand, must be sanded, stained and sealed after it is installed at your site.

What is wide plank prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Wide plank Heart Pine floors are made with wider and longer floorboards than are traditionally found in standard commercial flooring. Where the average commercial floor uses boards that are no more than 3″ wide and 4′ long, Carlisle wide plank floors may use boards that are up to 11″ wide and 16′ long. The extra width and length produce visually stunning floors that give the room a more spacious feel. Wide plank prefinished Heart Pine flooring is a wide plank floor made from Heart Pine timbers that is prefinished in our facility.

What are the advantages of prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Prefinished Heart Pine flooring lets you avoid the mess and inconvenience of finishing a floor on site, while also reducing the time and cost of installation. When a floor is finished in your home or business, the sanding process coats everything in a fine layer of sawdust, and the process of sealing the floor requires you to vacate the premise for a day or two. Those inconveniences are eliminated with prefinished Heart Pine flooring. Additionally, prefinished floors can be treated with stronger stains and seals then can be used on site, providing greater protection against wear and tear.

What does Carlisle offer in prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Carlisle’s Custom Coat® finishing process results in prefinished Heart Pine flooring that looks and feels like floors finished on site. This is no small achievement – traditionally, prefinished floors have often had a “plastic” look and consumers found them more difficult to maintain and to touchup as floors showed signs of age. At Carlisle, we perfected a process that combines time-honored techniques with modern technology for a superior pre-finishing process. Each board has a deep hand-rubbed appearance rather than one that is painted on. A three-coat process delivers three times more durability than site-applied finishes, and we apply the final coat of sealant to all four sides of the boards to create a more moisture-resistant floor.

Advantages of prefinished Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle include:

  • Widths up to 11″ wide – most prefinished floors only go up to widths of 5″.
  • Environmentally friendly processes – once cured, Carlisle prefinished Pine plank flooring will contain no measurable VOCs.
  • Lightly softened edges to enhance the beauty of each plank.
  • High-quality sealants that enhance the natural beauty of the wood and are easier to maintain.

Ways to customize your prefinished Heart Pine flooring.

At Carlisle, our goal is to deliver wide plank floors that are a unique expression of your aesthetic and sense of taste. You can customize your prefinished Heart Pine flooring in a variety of ways.

Type of wood

In addition to Heart Pine floors, we offer Eastern White Pine flooring and 10 species of hardwood floors.

Grade of the cut

We offer proprietary custom flooring grades that allow you to easily choose the look of your floor. Our Original Grade Heart Pine or White Pine flooring offers a more rustic look with more variation in color, knots and grain, while our Heirloom Grade provides less variation for a more refined look. Our Signature Grade nicely balances the characteristics of both Original and Heirloom Grade timbers.

Color of the stain

Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited selection of colors, including a wide variety of traditional stains and an exclusive color matching system that can quickly produce a custom stain based on the color of a paint swatch, fabric, linen or another material.

Width of the boards

Prefinished Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle can be ordered in widths up to 11″, while most other prefinished products in the industry come in widths that are no more than 5″. Using a mix of widths produces a level of visual interest, while using the same width for each board offers a more uniform appearance.

Texture of the wood

Prefinished Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle can be treated with a number of methods for distressing the wood to give it an aged appearance. From adding hand scraped edges and saw kerfs (the marks that are found on boards that were cut at early sawmills) to proprietary techniques for adding a Timeworn, Footworn or Brushed appearance, texturing adds a sense of history, heritage and warmth to your prefinished Heart Pine flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Carlisle floors available as prefinished flooring?

Yes. Any new wide plank floor from Carlisle may be ordered as a prefinished floor.

Are the sealants used for prefinished Heart Pine flooring environmentally safe?

Yes. Carlisle finishes contain no measurable VOCs that would pose a health hazard if they escaped into the air.

What are suggestions for how to clean prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Sweeping your Heart Pine floors regularly will keep them clear of debris that can cause scratches. Heart Pine can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water to loosen dirt and contaminants, which can be removed with a damp mop.

How durable is prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Heart Pine is a softwood, so it will be less resistant to dents and scratches then hardwood floors. Consequently, prefinished Heart Pine flooring may need more care and maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

Are all Carlisle floors available as prefinished flooring?

Yes. Any new wide plank floor from Carlisle may be ordered as a prefinished floor.

Why choose Carlisle for prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

No other prefinished product can compare to prefinished Heart Pine flooring and other prefinished products from Carlisle. Our Custom Coat stains and topcoats are completely unlike anything else in the market today. Our unique process combines time-tested techniques with 21st century technology for a prefinishing process that preserves the natural richness and beauty of the wood while creating a masterpiece that can be installed quickly and cared for easily. Every inch of every floorboard is meticulously sanded before the stain and sealant is applied under ideal factory conditions. Most planks will be finished on all four sides – even the tongue and groove is stained, a process that is unique in the flooring industry and helps to hide seasonal gapping while creating a floor that is more resistant to moisture. You can be sure that with Carlisle prefinished Heart Pine flooring, you’ll have a floor that will delight and amaze you for years to come.