Prefinished herringbone wood flooring

The advantages of prefinished herringbone wood flooring

Herringbone wood flooring brings a greater feeling of luxury and elegance to any room, and prefinishing your floor makes the entire process of installing new flooring easier and more convenient. With prefinished herringbone wood flooring, you get a beautiful parquet floor while avoiding the mess of sanding, staining and finishing the floor inside your home.

Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring offers lots of options for a prefinished herringbone wood floor, including two wide plank herringbone floor collections that are ideal for industrial flats and penthouse lofts. Prefinished herringbone wood flooring from Carlisle has the added benefits of greater durability and wear resistance due to the unique finishing process.

FAQs: what is prefinished herringbone wood flooring?

What is prefinished herringbone wood flooring?

A prefinished herringbone hardwood floor is a floor that is installed with a herringbone pattern, and one that is finished in the manufacturer’s facility before it is shipped to a home or business for installation.

What is a herringbone wood floor?

A herringbone wood floor is a type of patterned or parquet floor that uses the herringbone flooring pattern, where each rectangular board meets the next at a right angle. The result is a type of zigzag pattern with an appealing asymmetry, lending lots of visual interest and sense of movement and energy to a room.

What is a prefinished floor?

A prefinished floor is one where the floorboards are cut, sanded, stained and sealed at a manufacturer’s facility before they are delivered to a jobsite for installation.

What are the advantages of prefinishing a floor?

A prefinished floor enables the homeowner to skip the mess and hassle of having a floor finished within their home. The finishing process includes lots of sawdust and noxious fumes, requiring homeowners to vacate their premises for a period of time. With a prefinished floor, all the messy work is done before the floor is delivered, which also helps to accelerate and reduce the cost of installation. Prefinishing a floor also allows stronger sealants to be applied to the wood, adding another layer of protection to the floor.

What are the benefits of Carlisle prefinished herringbone wood flooring?

A prefinished floor from Carlisle is produced with small batch production using a multicoat process that delivers up to three times the durability of site-applied finishes while providing each board with a deep, hand-rubbed experience.

What other patterns can be used in prefinished flooring?

Virtually any pattern can be used in a prefinished floor. At Carlisle, we also offer floors with chevron and Versailles patterns, and our design consultants can help you create a custom pattern for a one-of-a-kind floor.

Customizing your prefinished herringbone wood flooring

When you choose a prefinished floor from Carlisle, you’ll have lots of options for ways to make your floor a true reflection of your sense of style and beauty.


The choice of wood for your prefinished herringbone wood flooring has the biggest impact on the personality of your Carlisle floor. Red Oak herringbone flooring offers tight, consistent grain with deep salmon tones in the heartwood, while White Maple has a subtler grain reminiscent of flowing water and cleaner and lighter hues. Hickory is one of our toughest hardwoods and features rich color tones in beige and cocoa brown. Walnuts offers luxurious chocolate hues, and the color of ash ranges from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown.


If you choose to stain your Carlisle floor, you’ll have a virtually unlimited assortment of colors to choose from. Our custom color matching system allows us to perfectly match any sample you submit to us, so you can get a floor in a color that is ideal for your design scheme.


We offer prefinished herringbone wood flooring in both solid and engineered wood. An engineered floor is made with floorboards where a top layer of hardwood is glued to multiple layers of backing material to form a more stable core that performs better in locations where temperature and humidity may fluctuate more.


Carlisle craftsman can texture or distress your prefinished herringbone wood flooring to add a sense of age, character and craftsmanship. Texturing can add saw marks or watermill marks or gently wear away the softer grains to produce boards that look as if they have been lived on for several generations.

What makes Carlisle the #1 source for prefinished wood floors?

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has been a leader in hardwood flooring, handcrafting the finest wide plank floors in America. Using the finest raw materials available along with time-honored processes, our artisan woodworkers produce floors that are truly an expression of your sense of style, where every detail is carefully crafted with pride, passion and purpose. Our commitment to sustainable forestry enables us to use the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forest while reducing overall waste and preserving natural resources.

When you come to Carlisle for wide herringbone flooring, you’ll be as impressed with our customer service as you are with our floors. Our knowledgeable design consultants work with you every step of the way to help you choose the wood, color, pattern and texture that will make your Carlisle floor a defining feature of your home, and a beautiful reminder of where you are every time you enter the room.