Prefinished Hickory Flooring

An introduction to prefinished Hickory flooring.

When considering Hickory wood floors as the flooring surface for your home or business, you have the choice of ordering unfinished or prefinished Hickory flooring. In this short primer, we’ll introduce you to the benefits of prefinished Hickory flooring and look at additional options for customizing your hardwood Hickory flooring.

What is prefinished Hickory flooring?

Hickory is a hardwood timber that is a popular choice for hardwood floors because of its incredible strength and beauty. Prefinished Hickory flooring is a product that has been sanded, stained and sealed at a manufacturer’s facility before it is delivered to a home or business for installation. Unfinished Hickory flooring, in contrast, is a flooring product that must be sanded, stained and sealed after installation at a job site.

What is wide plank prefinished Hickory flooring?

Wide plank floors use floor boards that are up to 12” wide and up to 14’ long – much wider and longer than the boards used in traditional commercial flooring. Consequently, wide plank floors have a fraction of the seams that traditional floors require, creating a more expansive and spacious feel and a far less busy look. Wide plank floors allow grain patterns in the wood to be fully seen and appreciated. They also enable the personality of the wood to be fully revealed. Carlisle wide plank Hickory floors are available as both prefinished and unfinished products.

What are the advantages of prefinished Hickory flooring?

Finishing Hickory hardwood flooring at a home or business creates a lot of mess and inconvenience – from the fine sawdust produced during sanding to the stain used to color the wood and the toxic fumes from the sealants used to protect it. When a floor is finished on site, it may not be walked on for a period and the space must be vacant for a day or more to protect inhabitants from the sealant fumes. With prefinished Hickory flooring, all that mess and inconvenience is eliminated. The floor arrives ready for installation, speeding the entire process. Additionally, manufacturers can apply stronger protective sealants to a prefinished floor than are allowed to be used on site at the home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is engineered Hickory flooring?

Engineered Hickory flooring uses floor boards that are made up of multiple layers of material that have been glued together with a Hickory veneer on top. This construction provides greater stability in settings where humidity may be higher on average overall. Engineered Hickory flooring is ideal for installation in basements, over radiant heat and on concrete slabs.

Are the sealants used on prefinished three flooring safe for the environment?

Carlisle uses special sealants that contain no measurable VOCs, once cured, and are environmentally friendly.

Can prefinished Hickory flooring be textured or distressed?

Carlisle is one of the few providers who offer prefinished Hickory flooring that is textured with a variety of techniques to give the floor the appearance of age and timeworn beauty. Distressed Hickory flooring may include saw marks like those seen on boards cut in sawmills a century ago, as well as foot-worn and brushed techniques that give floors a gently weathered look.

Does prefinished Hickory flooring look and feel like unfinished flooring?

While prefinished Hickory flooring from some vendors can have a cheap or plastic look, Carlisle prefinished floors are made one at a time creating a final outcome that is reminiscent of a finely finished piece of furniture.

How durable is prefinished Hickory flooring?

Hickory flooring is among the hardest of hardwood floors, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in a home or business. Prefinished Hickory flooring adds another level of protection because of the extra strong sealants that can be applied at the factory, which are not available for application on site.

Prefinished Hickory flooring makes installation a breeze.

Prefinished Hickory flooring is easier to install than unfinished flooring, since you can avoid the labor-intensive, time-consuming and extremely messy process of sanding the wood in your home or business and applying stains and finishes. Wide plank prefinished Hickory flooring from Carlisle makes installation even easier, as there are fewer boards to install overall. Carlisle floors can be installed using a combination of glue, staples and nails or direct glue down installation. And because our products are produced with highly exacting attention to specifications, many installers prefer working with Carlisle floors.

Why come to Carlisle for prefinished Hickory flooring?

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has provided extraordinary floors for beautiful homes, trendy stores, museums and upscale restaurants around the world. Every Carlisle floor is a work of art handcrafted from the finest hardwood and produced to reflect the personal sense of style of the home or business owner. Our legendary commitment to excellence and our unparalleled service ensures that the process of designing and creating your wide plank floor is as pleasurable as living and working with the final product beneath your feet. From your first contact with our design team to ordering, delivery and installation, we are available to provide expert guidance at every step of the process. Our prefinished flooring is made with a custom three-coat process that combines tradition with the latest technology to give each board a deep, hand-rubbed finish rather than a painted-on appearance. With Carlisle prefinished Hickory flooring, you get the most authentic look and the most beautiful floor.