Prefinished Oak Flooring

Discover the finest in prefinished oak flooring at Carlisle.

If you’re considering prefinished oak flooring for your residential or commercial space, take a look at Custom Coat™ Prefinished Floors from Carlisle. As one of North America’s leading suppliers of quality solid hardwood flooring, Carlisle has developed a prefinished floor product of greater quality and durability. Where other prefinished oak flooring may have a plastic look, Carlisle’s prefinished oak floor offers the same elegance and quality finish as a standard hardwood floor. And Carlisle’s prefinished oak flooring is one of the few products on the market that can be refinished — many other prefinished hardwood floors not only wear more easily but cannot be touched up or refinished, severely limiting their lifespan. With Carlisle prefinished oak flooring, you’ll get an oak floor you will love for years to come.

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What you get with Carlisle prefinished oak flooring.

Carlisle prefinished oak wood flooring offers distinct advantages over other products.

  • Durability. Carlisle prefinished oak flooring is finished with high quality acrylic urethane. This makes it more durable while allowing for easy touch up. All flooring is back-sealed to provide greater stability and the tongue and grooves are finished as well.
  • Quality. We offer prefinished oak flooring in board widths up to 12 inches while still maintaining our long lengths. Wider, longer boards mean fewer seams in the floor, giving your space and a cleaner and more open feel. Wider boards also allow more of the wood’s character to show through.
  • Customization. At Carlisle, you aren’t limited to a specific set of colors. If you don’t find a stain you want immediately, we’ll custom mix colors to match the exact hue you desire.
  • Sustainability. Because our finishes have no measurable VOCs and there is no off-gassing onsite, our floors are more environmentally friendly.

More than prefinished floors: new hardwood flooring, engineered oak, reclaimed chestnut.

In addition to prefinished oak flooring, we offer prefinished flooring in pine as well as other hardwoods like chestnut, maple and walnut. We also have new solid hardwood floors in a wide variety of woods, and reclaimed floors that are created from boards salvaged from old barns, warehouses and commercial buildings. We provide hand-distressed floors, which are new floors treated to resemble an antique or reclaimed floor. And our engineered hardwood flooring is among the best in the industry.

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