Prefinished Walnut Flooring

The advantages of prefinished Walnut flooring.

Prefinished Walnut flooring can be a game changer as you prepare to install new hardwood floors in your home or business. In this brief guide, we’ll explore the differences between finished and unfinished black Walnut floors and answer questions about the pros and cons of using prefinished Walnut flooring. We’ll also touch on ways you can customize your prefinished Walnut hardwood flooring at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Customizing your Carlisle prefinished Walnut flooring.

At Carlisle, prefinished Walnut flooring can be customized in a number of ways to create a truly unique floor for your residential or commercial setting.

Stain color

Prefinished Walnut flooring can be finished in the beautiful, natural hues of the Walnut hardwood, or you may choose from a nearly infinite variety of traditional or custom stains. With darker woods like Walnut, it’s important to choose stains that enhance the beauty and grain structure of the wood, rather than fighting with the natural coloration or obscuring the grain.

Engineered flooring

Prefinished Walnut flooring from Carlisle can be ordered as a solid or engineered hardwood floor. Engineered flooring is designed to withstand unusual variations in temperature and relative humidity – the kind of conditions you might find in basements, over radiant heating systems, on concrete slabs or in interiors that have large spikes in temperature and moisture at different times of the year. Engineered Walnut flooring is made with multiple plies of material that are glued together with a top layer of Walnut hardwood. This construction prevents the engineered floor from dramatically expanding or contracting as environmental conditions change. Engineered flooring is not suitable for locations where the relative humidity consistently falls below 30%.

Textured surfaces

Using texture to give new floorboards an antique appearance is a popular design option when installing a new floor. At Carlisle, prefinished Walnut flooring can be treated with a number of techniques that are not usually available in prefinished floors. By adding saw kerfs, hand scraped edges or the kind of wear that is usually associated with time and foot traffic, you can add a sense of warmth and history to your floor and create a truly unique look.

Cut and width of the floorboard

Prefinished Walnut flooring made with floorboards cut at a consistent width will create an even, uniform look, while mixing the widths adds a new level of visual interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is prefinished Walnut flooring environmentally friendly?

All Carlisle Custom Coat finishes are designed to be environmentally friendly, containing no measurable VOCs that could pose a health hazard.

How durable is prefinished Walnut flooring?

Walnut flooring has a hardness rating of 1010, making it one of the softer hardwood floors. Walnut flooring is nevertheless considered highly durable, and prefinished Walnut flooring has the added benefit of using stronger sealants than can be applied when floors are finished on site.

Any suggestions for how to care for prefinished Walnut flooring?

Prefinished Walnut flooring can be easily cleaned with a solution of vinegar and water – the vinegar has a natural acidity that easily loosens dirt and contaminants which can be removed by damp mopping.

What are the advantages of prefinished Walnut flooring?

Finishing a solid Walnut flooring on site creates a great deal of mess and inconvenience for the home or business owner. The sanding process typically sends particles flying everywhere, covering everything with a fine coat of Walnut sawdust. The smell of stain and of polyurethane sealant is quite strong, and the premise must be vacated for a day or more when the sealant is applied. With prefinished Walnut flooring, all of that mess and inconvenience is eliminated, allowing the insulation to proceed much more quickly and reducing installation costs.

Does prefinished Walnut flooring look the same as floors that are finished after installation?Traditionally, consumers have considered the quality of prefinished Walnut flooring somehow less than that of unfinished flooring. Some homeowners felt their prefinished floors had a more plastic look and were not as easy to touch up as the floors aged. At Carlisle, we’ve developed a unique refinishing process that eliminates these concerns and results in a beautiful Walnut floor that looks and feels identical to a floor that has been finished on site.

Prefinished Walnut flooring from Carlisle is finished with a revolutionary and proprietary finish system that combines time-honored techniques with modern technology, using a Custom Coat® process that delivers up to three times the durability of site-applied finishes while giving each board a deep hand-rubbed appearance. Carlisle prefinished floors can be cleaned and touched up over the years with ease. Ultimately, Carlisle delivers prefinished Walnut flooring that offers all the advantages and none of the drawbacks of traditional prefinished flooring surfaces.

What is wide plank prefinished Walnut flooring?

A wide plank floor uses floorboards that are 5″ to 20″ in width and up to 12′ in length. These exceptionally long, wide planks create a much different look than standard commercial flooring, which uses boards that are no more than 2 ¼” to 3″ wide. A wide plank floor will feel much less busy and will make any room seem more spacious. Wide plank prefinished Walnut flooring is simply a wide plank Walnut floor that has been sanded, stained and sealed before delivery for installation.

What is prefinished Walnut flooring?

American Walnut flooring uses floorboards from the American Black Walnut tree, a hardwood with sumptuous chocolate hues, surprising auburn undertones and complex grain patterns. Prefinished Walnut flooring is a floor which has been sanded, stained and sealed prior to delivery for installation. The alternative is unfinished Walnut flooring, which must be finished on site after delivery.

Why come to Carlisle for prefinished Walnut flooring?

For more than half a century, Carlisle has provided exceptional wide plank floors for world-class museums, trendy restaurants, upscale retail stores and beautiful homes throughout the world. Every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece – a work of art fashioned from the finest wood and painstakingly handcrafted to reflect the aesthetic, style and taste of its owner. Our unwavering commitment to quality and our unsurpassed level of customer service ensure that the process of creating your prefinished Walnut flooring will be as effortless as living or working on the final product. From your initial contact with our design team to placing your order and receiving delivery, we are constantly available to provide expert guidance and assistance.