Prefinished White Oak Flooring

The benefits of prefinished White Oak flooring.

When you install White Oak floors in your home or business, you have the choice of using unfinished or prefinished White Oak flooring. In this introduction to prefinished flooring options from Carlisle, we’ll answer all your questions about the pros and cons of prefinished versus unfinished White Oak flooring, and explore other options for customizing your Carlisle White Oak floors.

What is prefinished White Oak flooring?

White Oak is a species of hardwood tree found throughout the eastern part of the United States. Along with Red Oak, White Oak is a popular choice for hardwood floors in residential and commercial settings. Prefinished White Oak flooring is a product that has been stained and sealed before it is delivered to a site for installation. The other alternative is an unfinished floor, which must be stained and sealed on site.

What is wide plank prefinished White Oak flooring?

Wide plank flooring uses individual planks that are much wider than standard commercial floorboards. Wide plank White Oak hardwood flooring from Carlisle, for example, uses boards that are 8” to 20” in width. That’s 3 to 6 times wider than traditional commercial floorboards. The result is a more stunning flooring surface and one that allows the personality and grain patterns of the wood to serve as a strong visual design feature. At Carlisle, our wide plank floors can be delivered prefinished or unfinished.

What are the benefits of prefinished White Oak flooring?

Staining and sealing an unfinished floor requires that a premise be unoccupied for up to 5 days depending on the finishes system being used. It also creates a great deal of dust and mess as the floor is sanded, stained and sealed. Using prefinished White Oak flooring enables the installation process to proceed much more quickly and avoids the mess and smell that results when a polyurethane sealant is applied on site. Prefinished White Oak flooring also enables the use of stronger stains and seals than can be used on site, ensuring greater longevity and resilience for the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other options for customization are available for prefinished White Oak flooring from Carlisle?

Carlisle prefinished White Oak flooring can be stained in a wide range of colors – White Oak is naturally porous and takes stain quite well. Additionally, our prefinished floors may be made from rift sawn White Oak or quartersawn White Oak for a more elegant look with tighter and more consistent grain patterns.

Is Carlisle prefinished White Oak flooring safe for the environment?

All Carlisle Custom Coat finishes are environmentally friendly and contain no measurable VOCs.

Does Carlisle offer engineered options for prefinished White Oak flooring?

Yes. Carlisle engineered White Oak wood flooring may be delivered as an unfinished or prefinished floor. Engineered prefinished White Oak flooring is an ideal option for rooms where may experience slightly higher humidity levels. Engineered structures are designed to minimize movement within a moderate range or relative humidity levels.

White Oak flooring be hand-distressed?

Distressing a floor to give it an antique appearance is a popular choice when installing a new floor. Techniques like Footworn treatments, Hand-Scraped Edges, Hit or Miss marks and Watermill marks add texture and visual interest that help to make a floor truly unique. Prefinished White Oak flooring from Carlisle can incorporate these treatments which are not normally available for prefinished floors.

Does prefinished White Oak flooring look the same as unfinished flooring that gets sealed later?

In the past, commercial pre-finishing techniques often produced a cheap and plastic look for hardwood floors. The stain seemed to be painted on. But with Carlisle’s unique Custom Coat® process, your prefinished White Oak flooring will look identical to a floor that is finished on site. This process combines time-honored techniques with modern technology, using small batch production and a three to five-coat process that results in three times the durability of site-applied finishes. Our prefinished stain has a hand-rubbed appearance rather than appearing “painted on,” as is the case with competitors’ prefinished processes. Can prefinished

Exceptional customer service for prefinished White Oak flooring.

At Carlisle, we are all about excellence. From creating the world’s best wide plank floors to ensuring a truly remarkable customer experience, our focus on quality has helped earned us a reputation as the worldwide leader in flooring tradition and innovation. From your first conversation with a design consultant to your order, delivery and installation of your White Oak floor, you’ll find our team to be highly knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated to your best interests. We’ll walk you through all your choices, from the selection of your wood and grade through decisions about color and texture and your choice of plank width and pattern.

Why choose Carlisle for prefinished White Oak flooring?

There simply is no better prefinished product than the prefinished White Oak flooring available from Carlisle. Our Custom Coat stains and topcoats are completely unlike anything else in the market today. Our unique and superior process combines time-tested techniques with 21st century technology for a prefinishing process that honors the natural richness and beauty of the wood while creating a masterpiece that can be installed and cared for easily. Every inch of every plank is meticulously sanded before the stain and sealer is applied under ideal factory conditions. You can be sure that with Carlisle prefinished White Oak flooring, you’ll end up with a surface that will delight and inspire you for years to come.