Prefinished Wood Floor

A prefinished wood floor offers convenience and affordability.

A prefinished wood floor can be an attractive alternative to standard wood flooring. Prefinished floors may be less expensive to purchase and faster to install. But many prefinished wood floor products lack the elegance and longevity of higher quality solid wood floors. They can have a cheap, plastic look and wear quickly, and because the floor cannot be refinished or touched up easily, prefinished floors may not last that that long.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer a high quality prefinished wood floor that delivers both the convenience of prefinished wood flooring as well as the beauty and quality of our standard wide plank flooring.

The benefits of a prefinished wood floor from Carlisle.

Carlisle’s Custom Coat™ Prefinished Floors have the same lustrous finish that our wide plank floors are famous for. They come in as many styles, designs and colors as our standard wood floor products and are easy to maintain and touch up over the years. With a Carlisle prefinished wood floor, you get:

  • The look you want. Each prefinished product – hardwood, hand-distressed or pine flooring – is finished with the stain and sheen you choose. We offer wide variety of stains and can custom mix a color to match your needs.
  • A floor that will last for years. Our high quality acrylic urethane finish creates a more durable floor that can be easily touched up over the years. Our prefinished flooring is one of the few products on the market that can be refinished. All prefinished wood floor products are back-sealed for enhanced stability.
  • The beauty and character of a wide plank floor. With boards up to 12 inches wide, your prefinished wood floor will allow more of the wood’s personality to shine through.
  • An eco-friendly product. Our finishes have no measurable VOCs and there is no off-gassing onsite.

Other prefinished and unfinished wood floor products.

At Carlisle, we earned our reputation as one of the finest purveyors of wide plank floors in North America by handcrafting floors one board at a time. In addition to prefinished wood flooring, we offer:

  • New unfinished wood floors in hardwoods such as walnut, cherry and oak, and pine floors that include white pine and longleaf heart pine flooring.
  • Reclaimed flooring fashioned from boards salvaged from old buildings and cleaned and milled to preserve all the imperfections in the original wood for a more rustic floor.
  • Engineered wood flooring that combines a hardwood veneer with a less costly backing for an affordable alternative to solid hardwood floors.

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