Quality Wood Floors

Everything you need to know about quality wood floors.

Quality wood floors are a perennial favorite for installation in home and business settings. Adding warmth, beauty and elegance to every room, quality wood floors can be a central feature for any interior design scheme. Yet choosing the right floor is not a simple matter – from selecting the wood to choosing a stain color and deciding on texture, there are a large number of decisions that go into designing and ordering the right quality wood floors for your space.

Here’s a brief introduction providing insight into the ins and outs of working with quality wood floors, and delivering an overview of the options available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

What are quality wood floors?

Quality wood floors are typically made with floorboards cut from hardwood trees and adhered to a subsurface like plywood or concrete slabs. The strength of the hardwood provides a durable surface that can last for years. While quality wood floors can be fashioned from a wide variety of hardwood species, the most common varieties include Oak, Maple, Cherry, Birch, Walnut, Hickory, Ash and other species.

What are wide plank quality wood floors?

Wide plank quality wood floors are surfaces that use hardwood floorboards which are usually between 8″ and 20″ wide. The exceptional width of the boards allows the grain and personality of the wood to be more fully revealed, and the smaller number of seams between floorboards makes for a more spacious, less busy feel in the room.

What are the advantages of quality wood floors?

When compared to carpet, the other most common flooring surface, quality wood floors offer many advantages.

  • It’s far easier to clean quality wood floors than carpet, as hardwood surfaces are more resistant to spills and stains.
  • Hardwood floors will last for years, while carpet must be frequently replaced.
  • Hardwood floors are more adaptable – they complement any decor and can be accented with throw rugs and runners.
  • Quality wood floors provide no harbor for allergens, dander, pollen and other material that can reduce air quality.
  • Hardwood floors make for a more acoustically pleasing room.
  • While installation of carpet may be less costly initially, quality wood floors last longer and are more cost-effective over time.

How to customize quality wood floors.

With quality wood floors from Carlisle, it’s easy to customize your selection to meet your design specifications and achieve a one-of-a-kind look that adds elegance and visual interest to your room. You can customize Carlisle quality wood floors by:

Choosing a wood variety
From light Ash floors to dark Maple floors or the lustrous red of a Cherry floor, you’ll have a wide range of hardwood and Pine options to choose from at Carlisle. Each wood species has its own personality in terms of color variation and the way that grain patterns plays across the wood.

Deciding on structure
Carlisle quality wood floors can be ordered unfinished or prefinished. Unfinished floors are sanded, stained and sealed after being installed in your home or business. In contrast, prefinished Oak flooring, for example, is delivered to your site having been already finished at our facility. Prefinished floors help to make installation faster and let you avoid the mess and inconvenience of finishing a floor on site.

Selecting a grade
Our proprietary grades make it easier to get the aesthetic you desire. Our Original Grade floorboards reveal more of the natural character from the tree, with more knots, color and grain variation. Our Heirloom Grade minimizes these variations for a more formal look, and our Signature Grade is the perfect balance of Original and Heirloom characteristics.

Picking a width
Depending on the wood species, Carlisle quality wood floors can be ordered with floorboards to 20″ in width. Choosing a consistent width delivers a more uniform appearance, while mixing widths makes for more visual interest.

Texturing the floorboards
Quality wood floors at Carlisle can be textured with a variety of methods designed to give new floorboards the appearance of floors that have been lived on for generations. Techniques include methods to reproduce the saw marks from early mills and the hand scraped edges that craftsman once used to straighten boards. Several techniques exclusive to Carlisle serve to recreate the worn and weathered look of floorboards that have been lived on and walked on for decades, adding immediate warmth and authenticity to any space.

Staining the wood
Unlike many flooring companies that offer only a limited selection of stain colors, Carlisle provides a nearly unlimited assortment of possibilities.

Installing a pattern
Choosing to install quality wood floors with a pattern like Chevron, Herringbone or Versailles adds additional elegance and visual interest.

Which type of quality wood floors are right for you?

At Carlisle, we offer quality wood floors in 10 hardwood varieties, 3 Pine styles and a variety of reclaimed flooring options.

  • Ash is a highly dense hardwood with unique grain patterns and interesting hues.
  • Birch floors have intriguing combinations of blonde outer edges and warm amber portions, with grain patterns that vary from subtle swirls to highly figured flames.
  • Brown Maple floorboards are dense with clear hard flowing grain and rich hues of brown, gold and amber.
  • Cherry hardwood flooring has lustrous dark red hues that provide a rich inviting warmth.
  • Hickory is a highly durable and handsome wood that works equally well in everything from modern bungalows to rustic retreats.
  • Red Oak offers tight, consistent grain and comes in exceptional widths and lengths.
  • Rift & Quartersawn Oak flooring features boards cut with special techniques to produce straight parallel grain lines for a strikingly beautiful floor.
  • Walnut has rich chocolate hues with surprising auburn undertones and complex grain patterns.
  • White Maple flooring is dense with smooth, soft flowing grain that produces stunning floors.
  • White Oak features durable floorboards with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain patterns.
  • Eastern White Pine features smooth grain with beautiful knots and versatile finish capabilities.
  • Heart Pine has a warm patina and rich colors that range from pumpkin and amber to darker, more modern hues.
  • Hit or Miss Pine recreates the look of centuries-old floorboards with saw marks from early milling techniques.
  • Reclaimed Oak, Heart Pine or Chestnut floors are made from boards that are salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories to produce distressed wood flooring for a one-of-a-kind antique look.

Why choose quality wood floors from Carlisle?

Since 1966, Carlisle has represented the very best in wide plank quality wood floors. We create extraordinary works of art for businesses, boutiques, restaurants, museums and exceptional homes throughout the world. Every Carlisle floor is truly a one-of-a-kind expression of the owner’s sense of style and beauty.

We handcraft quality wood floors in an extraordinary variety of woods, colors, textures and grades, providing unsurpassed service and expert assistance at every step. With Carlisle, the process of designing quality wood floors is truly a fun and exciting experience.

With a forest-to-floor ethic that helps us preserve natural resources, you can rest assured that our commitment to our craft and to sustainable forestry enables us to create custom quality wood floors that will grace your home or business for years to come.