Quartered Oak

What is quartered Oak flooring?

A quartered Oak floor is wood flooring made with timbers from White or Red Oak trees that have been cut using a quartersawn method. The most common technique for cutting wood is called plain sawn, in which each tree is sliced like a loaf of bread with parallel cuts, producing a broad range of grain patterns in each plank. Quartersawn Oak flooring is cut differently – the tree is first cut into quarters, and each quarter is then sliced at a 60° to 90° angle to the outer edge. The result is floorboards with straighter grain lines and unique ray flecks, producing a more elegant and strikingly beautiful hardwood floor.

What is wide plank quartered Oak flooring?

Wide plank quartered Oak floors are made with quartered Oak timbers that are cut at widths exceeding 5″. Some quartered Oak floorboards may be as wide as 12″ and up to 14′ long. Wide plank floors provide a stunningly beautiful surface – with fewer seams between planks, the floor and the room have a much more spacious feel. And wider boards allow the personality and grain patterns of the quartered Oak timbers to be fully seen and appreciated.

What are the advantages of quartered Oak flooring?

Quartered Oak floors have a more distinctive appearance – the straight parallel lines that run the length of the plank produce a more uniform and elegant look. Quartered Oak floors also are inherently more stable which may be helpful in certain environments that experience a wide range of moisture conditions.

Quartered Oak flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we create quartered Oak flooring from White Oak trees that are harvested from the best regions in the world – the Ohio River Valley in Western New York – where colder climates nurture tight growth rings and timbers with nutty brown and cocoa hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can reclaimed wood floors be made with quartered Oak?

No. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is made with centuries-old timbers salvaged from old buildings. Typically, they are not available in a quartersawn cut.

Can quartered Oak flooring be prefinished?

Yes. A prefinished floor is one that is sanded, stained and sealed at Carlisle’s facility before it is delivered to your home or business to be installed. With unfinished wood flooring, you’ll have a certain amount of mess from the sanding and staining, as well as the inconvenience of vacating your property while several coats of polyurethane sealant are applied. Prefinished Oak flooring eliminates that mess and inconvenience. Carlisle has perfected a finishing process that makes our prefinished quartered Oak floors virtually indistinguishable from our unfinished wood flooring.

Can quartered Oak floors be engineered flooring?

Yes. Engineered floors are made with a veneer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of backing material – at Carlisle, we use Baltic Birch to produce the most stable engineered floors in the industry. An engineered floor is designed for settings where temperature and humidity may vary greatly – the multilayered construction prevents the floor from dramatically expanding and contracting. Quartered Oak floors from Carlisle may be ordered as solid or engineered flooring.

Is quartered Oak more costly than plain sawn Oak?

Yes. Because the cutting process is more time-consuming and wastes a bit more wood, quartered Oak floors tend to be somewhat more expensive than plain sawn Oak.

What’s the difference between rift sawn, plain sawn and quartered Oak?

Plain sawn Oak timbers are cut in parallel lines, like slicing a loaf of bread. Quartered Oak timbers are first cut into quarters, and then each quarter is cut at a 60° to 90° angle to the outer edge. Rift sawn Oak timbers are each cut at a strict 90° angle to the outer edge, producing the straightest and most uniform grain lines.

How durable are quartered Oak floors?

Because of the angle at which the timber is cut, quartered Oak floorboards are inherently more stable than a plain sawn board but the durability of the floor planks will be very similar. Oak floors are considered a hardwood and are resistant to the daily dings and dents.

What does quartered Oak flooring look like?

Quartered Oak floorboards have very straight, consistent grain lines that run the length of the board, with ray flecks and figuring in varying amounts. The appearance has a more elegant and uniform look than plain sawn boards.

Exceptional service for exceptional quartered Oak floors.

At Carlisle, we deliver wide plank quartered Oak floors – and a wide range of other types of wide plank floors – with customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry. In fact, we often say that the only thing that matches the quality of our extraordinary flooring products is the quality of the customer experience. From designing your floor and placing your order to receiving your delivery, our team provides remarkable attention to detail, exceptionally responsive communication and expert guidance at every step along the way. Our goal is to make sure your Carlisle quartered Oak floor is a perfect reflection of your sense of style and that it exceeds your expectation at every level.

Carlisle: the #1 provider of wide plank quartered Oak flooring.

Since 1966, Carlisle has been a leading provider of quality wood floors to museums, restaurants, boutiques, businesses and beautiful homes throughout the world. From quartered Oak flooring to prefinished Hickory or engineered Walnut floors, each Carlisle floor is a singular masterpiece, painstakingly handcrafted by New England artisans with a love and feel for the intricacies of fine wood. Our craftsmen pore over each plank to understand the personality revealed through the grain patterns and color variations of the wood, and they take every step required to ensure your quartered Oak floor will be a central and defining feature in your interior for years to come.