Reclaimed Barnwood Flooring

An introduction to reclaimed Barnwood flooring.

Reclaimed Barnwood flooring is an increasingly popular trend for homeowners and business owners who are looking for unique flooring surfaces to transform an interior space. Salvaged from centuries-old barns that have been slated for demolition, reclaimed Barnwood flooring infuses residential and commercial spaces with history, personality and character – the kind of rich warmth that only time can create.

This brief guide is designed to familiarize you with to reclaimed Barnwood flooring, to answer frequently asked questions and to explore other options for rustic hardwood flooring available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

What is reclaimed Barnwood flooring?

Reclaimed Barnwood flooring is made with floorboards that have been fashioned from the wood from barns that are soon to be demolished. Reclaimed Barnwood flooring may be cut from boards that formed original floors in barns, or from other timbers like beams, siding and joists. Reclaimed Barnwood must typically be milled and sanded to produce boards that are suitable for installation in the home or business.

What are the benefits of reclaimed Barnwood flooring?

Reclaimed Barnwood flooring has an authentic sense of character and warmth that can only be created by time and by the wear and tear of generations of use. Like all reclaimed hardwood flooring, Barnwood floors will inevitably have nail holes, stains, splits and knots that evoke the many lifetimes that have been lived on these wooden surfaces. Ultimately, reclaimed Barnwood flooring adds an exceptionally distinctive appeal and personality to interiors in a way that no other flooring material can.

What is wide plank reclaimed Barnwood flooring?

Wide plank floors are made with floorboards that are often 8″- 10″ wide, and sometimes up to 20″ wide. The extra width over standard commercial flooring (which is often no more than 3″ wide) allows the grain and personality of the wood to blossom and provides a cleaner and more spacious feeling in the room. Wide plank reclaimed Barnwood flooring is simply a floor made with wide Barnwood planks.

What’s the difference between antique flooring, reclaimed pine or oak flooring and reclaimed Barnwood flooring?

Antique flooring is another name for reclaimed wood flooring – they’re both general terms that describe any floor created from wood that has been salvaged or recycled from old buildings. Reclaimed Pine floors and reclaimed Oak flooring are common types of reclaimed timbers. Reclaimed Barnwood flooring is found specifically in barns and may be made of Spruce, Red or White Pine, Hemlock and other woods.

What’s distressed flooring vs. reclaimed Barnwood flooring?

Reclaimed Barnwood flooring is an authentically rustic flooring material that is decades or centuries old, weathered and worn by usage and time. Distressed flooring refers to brand-new floors that are treated to recreate the look of reclaimed Barnwood. Carlisle offers a number of techniques to reproduce the look of rustic or reclaimed floors by adding saw marks, introducing hand scraped edges, and mimicking of wear due to time or foot traffic.

Carlisle reclaimed Barnwood flooring – and more.

At Carlisle, we offer both reclaimed Barnwood flooring and reclaimed Barnwood surfaces that are ideal for mounting on walls and ceilings.

Carlisle Milled Barnwood Flooring mixes different kinds of wood, including Hemlock, Spruce, and Red and White Pine. With hues that vary from rich nutty browns to auburns and yellows, our reclaimed Barnwood flooring provides a rich and warm sense of comfort with nail holes, stains, splits and knots that evoke a strong sense of history.

Carlisle Original Surface Barnwood Flooring is made of interior and exterior planks that are salvaged from the walls and ceilings of old barns around northern New England and the Canadian border, where cold temperatures help preserve the wood. Available in color tones from brown to weathered gray, Original Surface Barnwood is perfect for wall or ceiling paneling and for decorative accents.

In addition to reclaimed Barnwood flooring, we offer:

  • Reclaimed Chestnut flooring, with prominent Chestnut grain and rich colors that range from light brown to darker cocoa. Reclaimed Chestnut is prized for its rarity – Chestnut trees were nearly wiped out by a blight in the early 1900s – and for unique wormhole characteristics caused by the bugs that ate the dying trees after the blight.
  • Reclaimed Oak is prized for its strong, prominent grain patterns and eclectic figuring, and for color variations that range from gold to amber to rich nutty brown. Wormholes, cracks, checks, knots and nail holes add character and history to this reclaimed flooring stock.
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine is fashioned from beams and floor joists salvaged from old mills and soon-to-be-demolished factories that were built in New England during the Industrial Revolution. With a rich patina of deep amber and pumpkin hues, Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring adds a classic look to any environment.
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring, our most rustic flooring material, is cut from structural floor joists and old floorboards that were covered up by dirt, debris and years of abuse. This reclaimed flooring has more knots, nail holes and texture than other reclaimed options, and features rich pumpkin and deep charcoal color tones amplified by stains, watermarks and saw kerfs.

Why choose Carlisle for reclaimed Barnwood flooring?

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has been a leading provider of wide plank flooring worldwide. Every floor we create is a singular masterpiece and the perfect expression of the homeowner or business owner who chose it. With every project, we aim to create a floor that is a central and defining feature of your space – a remarkable work of art in hardwood that amazes and delights you every time you cross the threshold.

While our reputation for excellence in handcrafted floors is unmatched, our commitment to customer service is equally important. Our design team and customer service representatives are available at every step in the process to answer questions and assist you – from choosing the right wood and grade to selecting a texture and color, all the way through delivery and installation.

Once you take a look at our reclaimed Barnwood flooring and other flooring options, we know you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, stability, density, strength and performance of a Carlisle wide plank floor.