Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed flooring – a direct connection to the past.

Reclaimed flooring, or antique flooring, is made from wood salvaged from historic buildings in strategic areas around the country. Each reclaimed flooring board reveals the unique history of that structure, and brings unique character and style to any space. Originally harvested, cut and sawn by hand into floor boards, beams, and paneling, reclaimed flooring provides a direct connection to the hard work and industry of early Americans. When you walk on a reclaimed floor, you can almost feel this spirit of the past beneath your feet.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the most requested supplier today of reclaimed wood in North America, providing a wide variety of reclaimed flooring materials as well as expert assistance in the design and installation of wide plank reclaimed wood flooring.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers premium reclaimed flooring products.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors we specialize in premium solid hardwood flooring for residential and commercial spaces, hand-crafting each floor to provide you with remarkable quality and extraordinary personal attention. Our reclaimed >antique wood floor products offer the longest lengths and widest widths in the industry, for greater beauty and fewer seams in the final installation. Carlisle reclaimed flooring can be installed on concrete, plywood or radiant heat, in residential and commercial projects anywhere in the world. When you choose Carlisle, you’ll be working with the most knowledgeable people in the industry –craftsmen and designers with tremendous expertise and passion for wide plank flooring.

Types of reclaimed wood available for flooring.

Our offerings in reclaimed and distressed wood flooring include:

Reclaimed Oak wood floors, taken from old buildings in western Pennsylvania and along the Ohio River Valley, has an Old World look with color that ranges from amber to nutty brown with prominent grain and eclectic figuring.

Reclaimed Chestnut will have rich light brown and deeper cocoa colors, and has a unique wormhole character – the result of bugs that fed on the dying tree.

Reclaimed Heart Pine, taken from old mills and factories of New England, has a strong grain with a rich patina of deep amber and pumpkin. Grading can be customized to achieve the specific look you desire, rustic or formal.

Reclaimed Grandpa’s Floor, our most unique and rustic flooring, comes from original floor boards of old buildings. With careful cleaning and minimal milling, we’re able to preserve the rich pumpkin and deep charcoal tones of this dark wood flooring as well as original stains, watermarks and saw kerfs.

Reclaimed Barnwood, a mix of Hemlock, Spruce and Red and White Pine, offers a rich, warm comfort in hues from nutty brown to yellow, and preserves the nail holes, stains, knots and splits that attest to its rugged past.

Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood is salvaged from the walls and ceilings of old barns in northern New England. With a weathered and rustic look, it has a variety of color tones from brown to grey.

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