Reclaimed Flooring

An introduction to reclaimed flooring. Reclaimed flooring has become a popular option in luxury wood flooring for home and business owners who want to give their interior spaces a stunning, distinctive look. This brief introduction is designed to familiarize you with what reclaimed flooring is, how it is produced and what kind of options are available to you for installing reclaimed wood in your home or business.

What is reclaimed flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is made from floorboards and timbers that have been salvaged from centuries-old buildings, factories and farms designated for demolition. Reclaimed floorboards may be re-sawn from thicker floorboards from a factory, cut from the exterior siding of a barn or fashioned from the joists and timbers of an old building. Consequently, reclaimed flooring may have nail holes, cracks and splits in the boards, original saw marks and unique color variations – all the details that give reclaimed floors their character and sense of history.

What are the benefits of reclaimed flooring?

Reclaimed flooring adds instant character to a floor in a residential or commercial space. When you walk on a reclaimed floor, you can almost feel the history beneath your feet. Every reclaimed floor is unique and brings a rich, warm comfort that only time can create.

What’s the difference between reclaimed flooring, antique flooring and barnwood flooring?

Antique flooring is another name for reclaimed flooring – the terms are synonymous. Barnwood floors are a type of reclaimed flooring specifically made with wood from the floors, siding or timbers of old barns. Barnwood may have a decidedly more weathered look and feel than other types of reclaimed timbers.

What’s the difference between reclaimed flooring and distressed flooring?

While reclaimed flooring is salvaged from old buildings and uses floorboards that may be more than 100 years old, distressed wood flooring is made with brand-new floorboards that are treated to produce an aged appearance. Techniques for distressing floors include adding saw swirls and kerfs to give the appearance of boards that were cut at early sawmills, and a variety of treatments that reproduce the look of boards that have been aged by time, weather and foot traffic.

What is wide plank reclaimed flooring?

Wide plank floors have become a highly desirable option for flooring surfaces in exceptional homes and business interiors. Wide plank floors from Carlisle feature floorboards that may be as much as 12” wide and up to 12’ long, creating a more distinctive, luxurious and spacious feel in any room. Most reclaimed flooring uses wide planks, as the original floorboards or timbers were also cut in wide dimensions.

Options for reclaimed flooring from Carlisle.

To provide you with the ideal floor for your home or business, we offer a range of reclaimed flooring options.

• Reclaimed Chestnut flooring features prominent chestnut grain and rich colors that range from light brown to darker cocoa. Reclaimed Chestnut is prized for its rarity as well as its beauty.

• Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring is our most rustic option, made from structural floor joists and old floorboards that have more knots, nail holes, texture variations and even bullet holes than other types of reclaimed flooring.

• Reclaimed Heart Pine is salvaged from mills and factories around New England that were built during the American Industrial Revolution. Reclaimed Heart Pine offers a rich color palette and strong grain.

• Reclaimed Milled Barnwood features floorboards that have been re-sawn and milled from barnwood planks salvaged from the exterior or interior of old barns.

• Reclaimed Oak is valued for its strong, prominent grain pattern and color variations that range from blonde to nutty brown. Wormholes, cracks, checks, knots and nail holes add character and history to reclaimed Oak flooring

• Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood maintains the weathered, rustic look and texture of planks salvaged from walls and ceilings of old barns around northern New England and the Canadian border. Left un-sanded and in its original condition, this wood is perfect for wall and ceiling paneling rather than flooring services.

Carlisle Wide Plank Reclaimed Floors in Joe Nahem Living Room

Carlisle service: as exceptional as our reclaimed flooring.

At Carlisle, our commitment to customer service is as legendary as our reclaimed flooring and wide plank hardwood floors. Our team of expert design consultants and New England craftsmen are dedicated to ensuring that every detail of your flooring project meets your high expectations – and ours. From your first inquiry to preparing your order and through delivery and installation, we are available to offer guidance, answer questions and ensure that the process of designing your floor is as pleasurable as living on it. If you know exactly what you want, our team will take every step to make sure you get it. And if you’re just exploring reclaimed flooring or wide plank floors for the first time, we’ll be happy to walk you through all your options for wood types and grades, stain colors, board widths, textures and installation patterns.

The leading provider of reclaimed flooring in North America.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the most requested supplier of reclaimed flooring in North America for one reason: exceptional quality. Every Carlisle reclaimed or wide plank floor is a masterpiece, handcrafted specifically for you to reflect your sense of style and beauty. Our artisans painstakingly inspect and fashion every board to ensure that it is the best match for your floor. From texturing to staining and pre-finishing, no detail is too small to escape their attention. It’s no wonder that Carlisle floors are found in museums, trendy boutiques, upscale restaurants and beautiful homes throughout the world. Once you take a good look at the quality of our flooring options, we know you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, strength, stability and performance of a Carlisle floor.