Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Everything you want to know about Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring.

Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring adds immediate character to any home or business interior. For home and business owners who want to transform their spaces with distinctive rustic hardwood flooring, installing Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring delivers the kind of warmth, personality and texture that only time can create. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is salvaged from centuries-old buildings before they are demolished, providing an exceptionally stunning flooring option for residential and commercial settings.

In this guide to Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, you’ll find an overview of reclaimed Heart Pine as well as answers to frequently asked questions and a look at other types of reclaimed wood flooring available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Carlisle makes installing Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring easy.

With more than 50 years designing and crafting wide plank floors, we are experts at preparing new floors and reclaimed floors for easy installation in home and business settings. Many installers prefer working with Carlisle floors, as our wider and longer planks mean there are fewer boards to install overall. Our reclaimed floors can be installed using nails, staples and/or glue, or with direct glue down installation. Your installer will receive helpful tip sheets and resources for installation of reclaimed floors. And should you need it, help is always just a quick phone call away.

Carlisle: a world leader in Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring.

Carlisle Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is a masterful work of art created for exceptional businesses and homes. The remarkable quality of our wide plank floor in is matched only by our zeal for providing exceptional customer service. From your first meeting with our design consultants through delivery and installation of your reclaimed floor, you’ll find our friendly assistance, expert guidance and highly responsive service to be unsurpassed in the world of quality hardwood flooring.

Carlisle craftsmen are true artisans who live and breathe woodworking. Their talent and expertise yield stunning results on every project. Whether it’s Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring or new hardwood flooring, they painstakingly inspect every floorboard to ensure that your floor will live up to our standards and yours. And they obsess over every detail to make sure your Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring will continue to amaze and delight you every time you enter the room

Frequently Asked Questions

What other type of reclaimed flooring is available from Carlisle?

In addition to Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, we offer Reclaimed Chestnut flooring and Reclaimed Oak flooring. Additional offerings include

  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s Flooring, made from highly rustic timbers with more knots, nail holes, texture variations and even bullet holes.
  • Reclaimed Milled Barnwood Flooring, featuring floorboards that have been re-sawn and milled from wood salvaged from the exterior or interior of old barns.
  • Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood, intended for use as wall and ceiling paneling and featuring planks that have a more weathered and rustic look.

What’s textured Pine flooring vs. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Textured Pine flooring uses a variety of techniques to make new and unfinished hardwood flooring look as if it is decades or centuries old. At Carlisle, we offer a variety of texturing methods to recreate the look of boards that were cut at early sawmills and watermills, or that have been worn down by time, weather and foot traffic. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, on the other hand, actually is decades or centuries old.

What’s antique vs. barnwood vs. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Antique Heart Pine flooring is another name for Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring. Reclaimed barnwood flooring is a specific type of reclaimed floor that is made from the siding, floorboards or other timbers of old barns. Barnwood is likely to have a more weathered appearance than other types of reclaimed wood.

What are the advantages of Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring brings a kind of warmth and authenticity that can’t be achieved with any other type of flooring surface. Walking and living on a reclaimed floor provides a tactile connection to an era when every floorboard was worked by hand. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle is simply a stunning design choice that can infuse any room with unique character, authenticity and visual interest.

What is wide plank Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Wide plank flooring is typically made with floorboards that are as much as 20″ wide. The extra width of wide plank floorboards allows the grain pattern and character of the wood to be more fully revealed, and makes a room feel more spacious and elegant, thanks to fewer seams between floorboards. Wide plank Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is simply a wide plank floor made with Reclaimed Heart Pine timber.

What kind of Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring does Carlisle offer?

Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring from Carlisle is made from beams and floor joists from mills and factories around New England that have been slated for demolition. We offer a proprietary timber grading system that allows you to choose boards with more or less character to achieve a specific design aesthetic.

What is Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is made with pine floorboards that have been salvaged from soon-to-be-demolished buildings like farms, factories, warehouses and homes. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring may be made from original floorboards or cut from exterior siding, joists and other timbers. The wood in Reclaimed Pine floors retains all of its original saw marks, cracks, splits, color variations, nail holes and other imperfections, giving Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring a unique character and sense of history.