Reclaimed Heart Pine

The beauty and character of Reclaimed Heart Pine.

Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring adds instant personality and character to any room. An increasingly popular option for homeowners and business owners seeking to transform an interior space, Reclaimed Heart Pine infuses a space with an immediate sense of history, texture and warmth – the kind of beauty that only time can create.

This short introduction to Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring explains exactly what this rustic hardwood flooring option is, offers answers to questions, and details other reclaimed hardwood flooring offerings from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Reclaimed Heart Pine floors – with extraordinary customer service.

Choosing the right floor for your home or business is an exciting but slightly challenging process. The customer service team at Carlisle stands ready to provide expert assistance at every step. Our objective: to make the process of designing, ordering, receiving and installing your Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring as easy and as pleasurable as possible. Our design consultants are highly skilled at helping you choose the right wood, width and customizations for your space, budget and lifestyle. And our exceptional attention to detail ensures that your Carlisle Reclaimed Heart Pine floors will meet your exacting specifications and exceed your highest expectations.

Why Carlisle is your premier source for Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring.

Carlisle has been an innovator in wide plank flooring for restaurants, museums, boutiques, businesses and exceptional homes since 1966. Our Reclaimed Heart Pine floors, as well as all of the wide plank floors we create, are true masterpieces that reflect the aesthetic and style of the remarkable individuals who commission them. These one-of-a-kind works of art are produced through painstaking craftsmanship, resulting in floors of exceptional style and beauty that will warm your home or business and delight guests every time they walk in the room. Once you get to know Carlisle and our Reclaimed Heart Pine floors, you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, strength, stability and performance of a Carlisle floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other options does Carlisle offer for reclaimed flooring?

In addition to Reclaimed Heart Pine floors, Carlisle offers other reclaimed wood flooring options that include:

  • Reclaimed Chestnut floors, featuring prominent chestnut grain and rich colors that range from light brown to darker cocoa.
  • Reclaimed Oak floors, featuring strong, prominent grain patterns and color variations that range from blonde to nutty brown.
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring, made with boards that have more knots, nail holes and texture variations.
  • Reclaimed Milled Barnwood floors, features timbers that have been re-sawn and milled from wood salvaged from the exterior or interior of old barns.
  • Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood, featuring highly weathered and textured planks salvaged from old barns and that are intended to be wall and ceiling paneling rather than flooring surfaces.

What is a wide plank Reclaimed Heart Pine floor?

A wide plank floor uses boards that are typically 8″ to 20″ wide, as opposed to standard commercial flooring which is no more than 3″ wide. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is typically considered wide plank, as the original timbers would have been cut at wider dimensions.

What’s the difference between distressed Pine flooring and Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Distressed Pine flooring uses new floorboards that are textured by craftsmen to give the appearance of wood that is centuries old. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, on the other hand, uses floorboards that actually are centuries old.

What’s the difference between antique, barnwood and Reclaimed Heart Pine floors?

Antique flooring is another name for reclaimed flooring – the terms mean the same thing. Reclaimed Barnwood flooring is a specific kind of reclaimed floor that uses boards cut from the siding, floors or other timbers of old barns, which have a decidedly more weathered appearance.

What are the benefits of Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

In addition to being ecologically friendly and sustainable, Reclaimed Pine floors have an age-worn beauty that is impossible to recreate with new floorboards. Full of imperfections and worn down by time and traffic, Reclaimed Heart Pine floorboards can instantly transform a space and provide a stunning surface on which to live and work.

What type of Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring does Carlisle offer?

At Carlisle, our Reclaimed Heart Pine floors are made with wood from mills and factories around New England that were built during the American Industrial Revolution. A proprietary grading system allows customers to choose floors with more or less character to get a specific and customized look.

What is Reclaimed Heart Pine?

Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is a hardwood floor that is made from floorboards that have been extracted from old houses, factories, warehouses, barns and other centuries-old buildings. Reclaimed Heart Pine boards may be cut from old joists, wall timbers or original pine floors.