Reclaimed Pine Floors

Your guide to Carlisle reclaimed Pine floors.

There’s nothing quite like reclaimed Pine floors for infusing a space with character, texture and warmth. Salvaged from centuries-old buildings, farms and factories, reclaimed Pine floors instantly transform any space, turning your solid wood flooring into a stunning design feature and conversation starter.

This brief guide to reclaimed Pine floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers an overview of how reclaimed flooring works, provides answers too frequently asked questions, and details other reclaimed wood flooring options available from Carlisle.

More than reclaimed Pine floors: additional reclaimed options.

Reclaimed Pine floors are just one type of antique flooring available from Carlisle. We also offer:

  • Reclaimed Oak floors. These floors are prized for strong, prominent grain pattern with variations in hues that run from blonde to nutty brown. Wormholes, cracks, checks, knots and nail holes show the character from the wood’s previous life.
  • Reclaimed Chestnut floors. These floors are beloved for their prominent Chestnut grain and rich coloration that ranges from light brown to darker cocoa. Reclaimed Chestnut is also prized for its rarity, as Chestnut trees were all but wiped out during a tragic blight in the early 1900s.
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring. This floor is our most rustic option, with more knots, nail holes, texture variations and character than other reclaimed floorboards, and available in an aged blend of rich pumpkin and deep charcoal colors.
  • Reclaimed Milled Barnwood floors. Made with planks that have been re-sawn and milled from wood found in the exterior or interior of old barns, these floors are a mix of Red and White Pine,
  • Hemlock and Spruce with hues that range from rich nutty browns to auburns and yellows.
  • Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood. Created for wall and ceiling paneling, these timbers are left un-sanded for a more weathered, rustic look.

Carlisle: the premier source for reclaimed Pine floors.

Carlisle has been a leading provider of quality floors for more than half a century. Our one-of-a-kind surfaces can be found in beautiful museums, upscale restaurants, trendy boutiques and exceptional homes around the globe.

Whether you’re searching for reclaimed Pine floors or for brand-new wide plank flooring, you can count on remarkable quality and exceptional service when you come to Carlisle. Our craftsmen are true artisans, motivated by pride in their work and a passion for fine wood. They painstakingly handcraft, inspect and treat each plank to ensure that your floor lives up to your high standards, and ours.

When it comes to customer service, our goal is to make the process of creating your Carlisle floor as pleasurable as living on your new wide plank floor. Our team is constantly available to make sure you get exactly what you want, and to help you explore all your options for wood, stain color, texture and installation. Your Carlisle floor will truly be an expression of your style and taste, and a defining design feature of your space that will amaze you for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are distressed Pine floors the same as reclaimed Pine floors?

Where reclaimed Pine floors use decades or centuries-old timber, distressed Pine floors use new floorboards that have been treated to give the appearance of old or rustic hardwood flooring. At Carlisle, our craftsman distress floors with several techniques to recreate saw marks, watermill marks, hand scraped edges, and the age and wear from weather, time and foot traffic.

How are antique, barnwood and reclaimed Pine floors different?

Reclaimed flooring and antique flooring mean the same thing – they are both made of floorboards salvaged from old buildings. Reclaimed barnwood flooring is a specific kind of antique floor that is made with boards salvaged from the siding, timbers or floors of old barns. Barnwood timber is typically more weathered and worn than other types of reclaimed wood.

What are the benefits of reclaimed Pine floors?

Reclaimed Pine floors offer an immediate connection to history, heritage and craftsmanship. A room with reclaimed Pine floors will have a warmth and authenticity that can’t be manufactured with any other kind of flooring. Reclaimed Pine floors are inherently a one-of-a-kind surface, creating an exceptionally unique design element.

What does Carlisle offer in reclaimed Pine floors?

Carlisle offers reclaimed Pine floors that have been salvaged from beams and floor joists of old mills and factories that were built in New England during the American Industrial Revolution. A proprietary system for grading each floorboard enables customers to order floors with more or less character and variation to achieve a specific desired visual aesthetic.

What are wide plank reclaimed Pine floors?

Wide plank floors are hardwood floors made with boards that are up to 20″ wide, though most use planks between 8″ and 10″ wide. Wide plank reclaimed Pine floors are simply wide plank floors that use reclaimed Pine or reclaimed Heart Pine imbers, which typically have been originally cut in wide dimensions.

What are reclaimed Pine floors?

Reclaimed Pine floors are hardwood floors made with floorboards that have been salvaged from old buildings. Reclaimed wood is often extracted from old warehouses, factories, barns, farmhouses and other buildings slated for demolition. Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring may be cut from old floorboards, joists, siding or other timbers and will have all the unique imperfections of centuries-old wood: nail holes, sawn marks, splits, cracks, color variations and even bullet holes!