Reclaimed White Oak Flooring

Your guide to Carlisle reclaimed White Oak flooring.

Reclaimed White Oak flooring has become a popular option for homeowners and businesses that want a stunning and distinctive surface for their space. This short introduction to reclaimed oak floors provides an overview of what reclaimed flooring is all about, and answers questions about reclaimed Oak flooring and other types of reclaimed floors.

What is reclaimed Oak flooring?

Reclaimed flooring is a residential or commercial flooring surface that is made with wood salvaged from old buildings, including houses, factories, barns, warehouses and other century-old facilities. The wood need not have been a floor originally – old joists and wall timbers can be cut to become planks in a reclaimed floor. Reclaimed Oak flooring is simply a reclaimed floor using building materials made from Oak. Typically, the floor is a mix of Red and White Oak that are common hardwood species found throughout the eastern U.S.

What is wide plank reclaimed Oak flooring?

Wide plank flooring uses individual boards that are often between 8” and 20” wide, rather than the standard commercial boards which are much narrower. The result is a distinctive floor with a luxurious and elegant feel where the grain and personality in the wood is allowed to show more fully. A wide plank floor also feels less “busy”, since there are fewer seams between planks. Wide plank reclaimed Oak flooring simply refers to a wide plank floor that is made from Oak timber reclaimed from older buildings.

What is the appeal of reclaimed White Oak flooring?

A floor made from reclaimed materials is not only eco-friendly and sustainable – it adds a level of character and visual interest that is impossible to replicate in brand-new flooring. The age-worn beauty of a reclaimed hardwood floor, with all its imperfections, instantly transforms a space and provides a stunning backdrop for life at home or work.

Is reclaimed White Oak flooring right for you?

Carlisle offers a variety of reclaimed products in addition to reclaimed Oak flooring. Here’s a brief overview of the differences in these remarkable, aged surfaces.

• Reclaimed Oak flooring, also known as antique Oak, provides strong, prominent grain patterns and a remarkable array of colors. Wormholes, cracks, knots and nail holes add personality, while color tones ranging from blonde to nutty brown help to warm the room.

• Reclaimed Chestnut Floors feature rich colors that vary from light brown to darker cocoa along with prominent grain and other markings. Chestnut is also well known for the consistent appearance of worm holes in the planks.

• Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring is salvaged from the floor joists and beams of soon-to-be-demolished mills and factories around New England. These floors feature a rich color palette and strong grain.

• Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring is salvaged from other parts of the building such as structural floor joists. These boards contain more character than almost any other wood floor, with rustic saw marks, knots and grains, nail holes and even bullet holes.

• Reclaimed Milled Barnwood offers a unique combination of colors and imperfections, with splits, knots, stains and nail holes that conjure stories of the past.

• Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood has a weathered, rustic look and is made with boards salvaged from interior and exterior planks from the walls and ceilings of old barns around northern New England.

Additional options beyond reclaimed White Oak flooring.

In addition to reclaimed Oak flooring, Carlisle offers a wide range of White Oak products designed to meet the needs of any design and decor. These include:

Unfinished White Oak flooring. Our wide plank White Oak floors deliver dynamic durability and style. Cut from timber in colder climates of the Eastern U.S., our White Oak floors have tight growth rings and nutty brown and cocoa hues. With dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek to vibrant swirls, Carlisle White Oak floors are perfect for any setting – casual, formal, contemporary or traditional.

Prefinished White Oak flooring. Carlisle prefinished floors are unlike any other prefinished product. By staining and sealing the wood in ideal factory conditions, we can replicate the look of a floor finished on site while avoiding the time-consuming mess of an on-site finish. Our proprietary Custom Coat® process results in a product that has up to three times the durability of site-applied finishes – a result that no one else can match.

Engineered white oak wood flooring. Our engineered floors are perfect for installation in rooms or environments where the desire is not to minimize expansion and contraction through a moderate range of relative humidity 30-55%. Carlisle engineered floors are thicker, more resilient and longer-lasting than traditional engineered flooring.

Quartersawn White Oak and rift sawn White Oak floors. Standard White Oak floors are plainsawn – each plank is cut from the timber in the same direction. Quartersawn and rift sawn boards are cut at a 90 degree angle from the surface of the wood to produce planks with straighter and more consistent grain patterns for a more elegant and cleaner look.

Why choose Carlisle for reclaimed White Oak flooring?

For 50 years, Carlisle has been a leader in delivering wide plank floors that transform homes and businesses around the world. Every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece, handcrafted by expert artisans to reflect the sense of style and beauty of the people who commission them. A Carlisle floor is a defining feature of any space and is guaranteed to warm and delight you every time you walk through the door. The extraordinary quality of our floors is matched only by the dedication of our customer service team. From choosing wood types, textures and colors through ordering, delivery and installation, our consultants will work with you to ensure every detail is perfect and that your Carlisle floor is everything you dreamed it would be.