Recycled Wood Floors

Recycled wood floors offer beauty, history and charm.

When you want wood flooring of unequaled character and warmth, recycled wood floors can be an exciting option. Also known as reclaimed or antique wood flooring, recycled wood floors are taken from historic buildings, then cleaned and milled to order. Each of these wide plank boards, originally harvested and cut by hand, offers rich warmth and an age-worn beauty. Some recycled wood floors preserve many of the original nail holes, knots and stains for a more rustic look. As you walk on these historic wood floors, you can almost feel the spirit of the past beneath your feet.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, the most requested supplier of recycled wood floors in the nation, offers a unique range of antique flooring procured in strict adherence to Forest Council Guidelines. When you choose Carlisle for your recycled floors, you can count on the highest quality product as well as expert design advice and helpful installation assistance.

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Carlisle is a national leader in recycled wood floors.

A wide range of options has helped to make our company one of the country’s leading providers of recycled wood floors. At Carlisle you’ll find:

  • Milled Barnwood – a rustic mix of several different recycled woods and colors from nutty browns to yellows and auburns, showing the knots and nail holes, stains and splits from its original use.
  • Original Surface Milled Barnwood – interior and exterior planks from the walls and ceilings of old barns. With a more weather and rustic look, these timbers are used as paneling for walls and ceilings in residential and commercial projects.
  • Grandpa’s Wood Floor – our most rustic recycled wood floor is made from old floor boards and structural joists that are carefully cleaned and preserved with minimal milling.
  • Antique Heart Pine – wood in deep amber and pumpkin hues salvaged from old mills and factories around New England.
  • Antique Oak – an antique oak wood floor shows strong grain and eclectic figuring, in colors from amber to gold to rich nutty browns.
  • Antique Chestnut – in rich light brown and darker cocoa colors, recycled chestnut floors often have unique wormhole markings caused by bugs that once fed on the trees.

Wide plank floors, new or recycled, show the character of the wood.

In addition to antique wood floors, Carlisle offers new site-finished and prefinished hardwood flooring. Carlisle’s new or recycled wide plank wood floors can help transform any space. With fewer seams in the floor, rooms seem more open and less busy. Wider planks reveal more of the character and history of the wood, showing the growth of 150 to 200 years in a single board.

With the strong commitment to forest sustainability, Carlisle contracts only with a small number of trusted growers who handpick timbers to ensure that tree stands are protected from clear cutting, and that only the most mature trees are harvested for timber.

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