Red Oak floor colors

The versatility of Red Oak floor colors

Red Oak has long been a popular choice for hardwood floors. Red Oak color flooring can be easily paired with a wide range of interior design aesthetics, and the hardwood produces strong, durable floors that can last for generations. Red Oak also excepts stain easily, making it a highly versatile option for homeowners considering more on-trend Red Oak floor colors.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer flooring products with a wide range of options for customization that can turn a Red Oak floor into a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will become the defining feature of any interior. Our knowledgeable design consultants can walk you through all your options for structure, color, width and texture to create a floor that will delight you for years to come.

FAQs: What are Red Oak floor colors?

What are Red Oak engineered floors?

Engineered Oak floors at Carlisle are made with a top layer of Oak that is glued to multiple layers of Baltic Birch, a very sturdy hardwood, to create floorboards that are very resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Red Oak engineered floors are ideal for installation below grade, on concrete slab or over radiant heat.

Can Red Oak floors be installed with a pattern?

Yes. Oak is an easy wood to work with, which makes it an excellent candidate for parquet floors. At Carlisle, our standard parquet products include Oak Chevron flooring, Herringbone flooring and Versailles patterns. Oak parquet floors may use stain to achieve alternating light and dark Red Oak floor colors, accentuating the detail of a pattern like White Oak Chevron flooring, for example.

Can Red Oak floors be textured?

Yes. Texturing is designed to give new floorboards the appearance of floors that were produced more than a century ago and that have been lived on for generations. Carlisle techniques for Oak floor texture include adding saw marks and other imperfections that are common to older floorboards, and reproducing the appearance of boards worn down by foot traffic and time.

Can Red Oak floors be stained easily?

Yes. Red Oak is a porous hardwood that excepts stain easily.

What are wide plank Red Oak floors?

Wide plank Red Oak floors use floorboards that are 4” to 20” in width and up to 12’ long. Standard commercial flooring uses floorboards that are much thinner and shorter, creating far more seams in the floor. Wide plank flooring gives a room a more spacious and luxurious feel and allows more of the personality of the wood to be revealed in the floorboards.

What are Red Oak floor colors?

The natural color of Red Oak has a pinkish or salmon hue that can be accentuated with a clear or amber finish. The wood may also be stained to produce Red Oak floor colors in a wide variety of hues.

What are Red Oak floors?

Red Oak floors are hardwood floors made with timbers from the Red Oak tree which grows in the eastern and central regions of the US and in south-central Canada.

A limitless selection of Red Oak floor colors

Many of our customers prefer natural Red Oak floor colors and choose to finish their floor with a clear or amber coat of stain that accentuates the red hues of the wood. This option allows the floorboards to tell their story as the floor ages and develops a natural patina over time.

Other customers prefer modern Oak flooring with colors that can only be achieved through stains. And at Carlisle, the options for trending wood floor colors are virtually unlimited. We offer a collection of classic stain colors that are among our most popular options – with everything from the dark and smoky Blacksmith stain to the “pumpkin pine” patina of Copper Mine or the Whitewashed Fence stain that transforms the wood without covering up its grain and character.

If you know the exact Red Oak floor colors you want, our Carlisle Custom Color system allows us to match it perfectly. Simply send in an item for us to match – a paint swatch, or a bit of fabric, linen or tile, for example – and our color matching system will create a stain that is uniquely yours. With Carlisle, you’ll never have to settle for a stain color that’s “almost” what you had envisioned.

Carlisle is your best source for Red Oak floors

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we have been producing exceptional flooring surfaces for more than half a century. Combining time-honored techniques with timber sourced from the most reliable forests in America, we create masterpieces in wood that become central design features of stylish homes everywhere. Our artisan woodworkers are equally at home with traditional rustic themes and fashion-forward styles, and they know that every detail of your Carlisle floor is important. From choosing the individual planks for your floor to adding the finish that reveals the perfect Red Oak floor colors, we attend to every detail to ensure that your Carlisle floor will exceed your expectations. Whether you work with our design consultants to create a custom floor or choose a product from our extensive curated collections, your Carlisle floor will be fashioned in the exact same way – one plank at a time.