Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

An introduction to Red Oak hardwood flooring.

Red Oak floors add beauty and elegance to any room. Red Oak hardwood flooring is a durable, stylish and highly flexible option for residential and commercial settings, making it one of the most popular choices for customers who want to transform their space. This short introduction to Red Oak hardwood flooring is designed to provide an overview and to answer common questions about this flooring option.

What is Red Oak hardwood flooring?

Red Oak timber is a common hardwood found throughout the central and eastern parts of the US and Canada. Because of its combination of hardness and flexibility, it has long been a favorite choice of homeowners and hardwood floor installers. Red Oak hardwood flooring is quite porous, enabling it to be stained easily to a wide variety of colors to meet the needs of any interior design.

What is wide plank Red Oak hardwood flooring?

Wide plank Red Oak hardwood flooring is simply oak hardwood flooring fashioned from floorboards that are much wider than the narrow planks used in commercial hardwood flooring. At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we produce Red Oak hardwood flooring with boards as wide as 12” and up to 14’ long. Compared to traditional flooring – with boards that are 3” wide or less and 4’ long or less – wide plank Red Oak hardwood flooring becomes a stunning design feature in any home or business. With fewer seams between boards, wide plank floors create a sense of expansiveness, with the beauty and grain patterns of the wood allowed to fully emerge in every floorboard

Why choose Red Oak hardwood flooring?

Carlisle customers choose wide plank Red Oak hardwood flooring for several reasons:

• Flexibility. Red Oak can be finished in a wide variety of stains and looks.

• Durability. Red Oak is a durable hardwood that is resistant to wear. And with fewer seams, wide plank Red Oak floors provide even greater stability.

• Workability. Red Oak hardwood flooring is easy to work with and install.

• Structural options. Carlisle provides both solid Red Oak flooring and engineered Red Oak flooring.

Creating your own unique Red Oak hardwood flooring.

Red Oak hardwood flooring can be customized in any number of ways to create a one-of-a-kind floor for your home or business.

Grade of wood – At Carlisle, customizing your Red Oak floors starts with choosing a flooring grade to meet your needs. Original Grade timber reveals more of the natural character of the Red Oak tree, with grain variation, color and knots that give a floor a more relaxed and rustic feel. Heirloom Grade offers a more refined and luxurious look, with planks that have fewer knots and less color variation. Our Signature Grade offers the best of both worlds, with hand-selected planks that provide the perfect balance between Original and Heirloom characteristics. (Choosing rift sawn or quartersawn White Oak can also help distinguish a floor – at Carlisle, these cutting techniques are available for White Oak timber only.)

Structure of the floorboards – Carlisle offers Red Oak hardwood flooring in both solid and engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is made with boards cut from a single piece of hardwood timber, while engineered floorboards are created by gluing multiple layers of wood and material together. Engineered Red Oak hardwood flooring has a thick top layer of Red Oak, with sub layers made from Baltic Birch. This construction method creates a highly stable floorboard that is suitable for installation in areas where moisture and temperature fluctuations may be greater – in basements, concrete slabs and radiant heating systems, for example.

Texture of the floor – Texturing or distressing Red Oak hardwood flooring can help to create the appearance of floors that have been walked on and lived on for generations. Carlisle specializes in number of methods, including several exclusive and proprietary techniques, that can turn new timber into floorboards that seem to have been smoothed and weathered by age and wear.

Color and finish – Red Oak hardwood flooring can easily be stained and finished in a wide variety of ways. Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited pallet of stain colors to meet your design needs.

Pattern of installation – Installing Red Oak hardwood flooring with a Herringbone, Chevron or custom parquet pattern immediately adds elegance and visual interest to your space.

Installing Carlisle Red Oak hardwood flooring is easy.

Red Oak hardwood flooring is generally among the easiest floors to install, and Carlisle wide plank floors make the job even simpler. By producing high end wood flooring to your exacting standards, we make sure there are no hiccups when it comes to the installation process. Wide plank floors have fewer boards overall, helping to speed installation. And our oak wood flooring can be installed using any combination of nails, staples and glue. Prefinished Red Oak hardwood flooring provides the fastest and simplest installation of all, as there is no sanding, staining or finishing required on-site.

What distinguishes Carlisle wide plank Red Oak hardwood flooring?

Simply put, Carlisle wide plank flooring is unlike any other Red Oak hardwood flooring on the market. For more than 50 years, we have led the industry in crafting one-of-a-kind masterpieces for exceptional homes, businesses, boutiques, restaurants and museums. Your Red Oak hardwood flooring is handcrafted by New England artisans with a true love and feel for fine wood – craftsman who painstakingly inspect every board to produce a floor that reflects your sense of style and beauty, and that will amaze and delight you every time you walk through the door. The quality of our floors is matched only by our customer experience. Our team is ready at every turn to offer expert advice, helpful guidance and insightful answers to your every question. Our commitment to perfection ensures that your Carlisle wide plank Red Oak hardwood flooring will enhance your space for years to come.