Rift Oak Flooring

The beauty of rift Oak flooring.

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of rift sawn White Oak flooring. The rift sawn cutting technique combines with nutty brown and cocoa hues of the White Oak tree to produce stunningly beautiful rift Oak flooring that will inevitably be a central design element of any interior space.

This brief introduction to rift Oak flooring explores how these surfaces are created and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

What is rift Oak flooring?

Rift Oak flooring is a type of wood flooring where the floorboards are cut with a special technique that produces very straight grain lines that run the length of the floorboard.

A rift sawn timber is cut at a 90° angle from the outside edge of the tree, producing grain patterns that are very straight and that may contain a few “rays” or flecks.”

The timbers for Carlisle’s rift Oak flooring are harvested from trees grown in the Ohio River Valley and Western New York, were colder climates produce tight growth rings.

What is wide plank rift Oak flooring?

Wide plank rift Oak flooring is an Oak floor with rift sawn floorboards that are cut at widths up to 6″ and lengths up to 12′. Wider and longer floorboards mean fewer seams in the floor, creating a more luxurious and elegant appearance and making the floor and the room seem more spacious.

What are the advantages of rift Oak flooring?

Rift Oak flooring has a distinctive beauty, thanks to very straight and even grain patterns. Rift Oak flooring adds elegance and beauty to any interior and will become a central and defining feature of any design scheme.

Exceptional service for remarkable rift Oak flooring.

When you come to Carlisle for wide plank rift Oak flooring, the only thing that will impress you more than our exceptional handcrafted floors is our commitment to customer service. From your first phone call or visit through your choice of wood for your wide plank floor to delivery and installation, our customer service representatives are available at every step to answer questions, provide guidance and ensure that your Carlisle floor exceeds your highest expectations. From exploring colors and textures to selecting widths and grades, we provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance at every turn to make sure your one-of-a-kind Carlisle floor is the perfect expression of your sense of style and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can rift Oak flooring be prefinished?

Yes. Prefinished Oak flooring allows a home or business owner to avoid the mess and inconvenience of sanding, staining and sealing a floor on site, unlike unfinished flooring. Prefinished floors are sanded, stained and sealed at Carlisle’s facility and delivered to a home or business ready for fast installation.

Can rift Oak flooring be textured or distressed?

Technically, yes. Carlisle offers several methods for texturing or distressing floors to produce an aged appearance. Hand scraped floors have the look of boards that were once prepared by hand for installation. Carlisle craftsmen can also add the kind of saw marks that were once seen on boards cut at early sawmills, or the kind of wear that is normally produced by age, weather and foot traffic. However, distressing rift Oak flooring in this way may mitigate the more formal, elegant look that the rift sawn technique is designed to create.

Can reclaimed floors be made with rift Oak flooring?

No. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is made with timbers that are salvaged from old buildings where the material has already been sawn from the tree over 100 years ago, therefore there is not the ability to dictate the method of sawing.

Can rift Oak flooring floors be engineered?

Yes. Engineered flooring from Carlisle is made by adhering a thick veneer of rift Oak flooring to multiple layers of Baltic Birch, which produces the most stable engineered floor on the market. This type of construction ensures that engineered rift Oak flooring will not expand or contract when it is installed in settings where the temperature or relative humidity are subject to extreme changes. Rift Oak flooring from Carlisle may be ordered as solid wood flooring or engineered flooring. Engineered flooring is not suitable for locations where the relative humidity may fall below 30%.

Can rift Oak flooring be stained?

Yes. Rift Oak flooring can be stained to a variety of hues, though it’s best to choose a color and a finish that complements the hues in the wood and the extremely straight grain lines.

Is rift Oak flooring more costly?

Because the cutting technique is more time-consuming and produces more waste than plain sawn or quartered oak, rift Oak flooring is more expensive than other types of floors.

How durable is rift Oak flooring?

The rift sawn cutting technique produces floorboards that are inherently more stable because of the angle at which the boards are cut relative to the center of the tree.

What does rift Oak flooring look like?

Rift Oak flooring will have extremely tight and consistent grain patterns that run the length of the board, in contrast to plain sawn boards where the grain patterns may have a lot of variation or “cathedral” effects.

What’s the difference between rift sawn, quartersawn and plain sawn?

The plain sawn process cuts a tree like a loaf of bread, with each cut parallel to the next. The process wastes very little wood but produces floorboards with a great deal of variation in the way the grain appears on each plank. Quartersawn oak flooring is made by first cutting the tree into quarters and then slicing each quarter at parallel lines, producing grain lines that are straighter with fewer variations. The rift sawn process is the most involved and produces the straightest grain lines.

How is rift Oak flooring cut?

Rift Oak flooring uses a technique that ensures every plank is cut on the radius of the tree, at a 90° angle from the exterior. The technique produces more waste than other cutting methods, but the result is floorboards that have extremely consistent grain patterns and the highest level of stability.

Why choose Carlisle for rift Oak flooring?

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has been a leader and innovator in floor covering fashion for homes and businesses throughout the world. A Carlisle floor is a defining feature of any interior space, and a welcome reminder of where you are every time you cross the threshold.

Each Carlisle wide plank rift Oak flooring is produced with a level of craftsmanship that is nothing short of extraordinary. Our New England craftsmen are artisans who live and breathe fine wood – they understand the stories told by color variations and grain patterns in the wood, and they painstakingly work each plank to make sure every detail of your floor is perfect. When you get to know Carlisle and see our floors in person, we know you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, strength, stability and performance of a Carlisle wide plank floor.