Rustic Floor

Rustic flooring adds immediate personality to any room.

Rustic flooring, with its age-worn beauty and original watermarks and stains, can add charm and character to any space. Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers stunning rustic flooring in a product called Grandpa’s Floor. This reclaimed wood floor product has been salvaged from the structural joists and floor boards of older buildings and warehouses. These age-worn timbers are carefully cleaned, inspected and preserved with minimal milling to create a rustic flooring product of primitive beauty and warmth, where rich pumpkin hues blend with deep charcoal tones. Carlisle’s rustic flooring is a genuine antique and comes with a handmade commemorative portfolio, personalized with a complete history of where the floor came from and how it was procured.

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Carlisle rustic flooring comes in oak, cherry, walnut and more.

In addition to Grandpa’s Floor, Carlisle offers a variety of rustic and antique wood flooring, including:

  • Antique Heart Pine flooring, salvaged from old and soon-to-be-demolished mills and factories built during the American Industrial Revolution. With deep amber and pumpkin hues, and occasional saw kerfs, water stains and nail and wormholes, antique Heart Pine brings a classic rustic look to any environment.
  • Antique Oak hardwood floor, in gold to amber to rich nutty browns, salvaged from old buildings along the Ohio River Valley and Western Pennsylvania. Antique oak flooring is distinguished by its strong and prominent grain and eclectic figuring.
  • Antique Chestnut flooring will have rich light brown hues and darker cocoa tones, and a unique wormhole character caused by insects that once ate the dying trees during a tragic blight in the early 20th century.
  • Reclaimed Barnwood flooring is a mix of red and white pine, hemlock and spruce and is characterized by nail holes, knots, stains and splits that are a testament to its rich past. Reclaimed Barnwood may be dark wood flooring with rich nutty browns to lighter hues of auburns and yellows.
  • Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood paneling has a more weathered and rustic look and comes from the interior and exterior planks of old barns in Northern New England and along the Canadian border.

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In addition to rustic flooring, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors specializes in new wide plank flooring for residential and commercial properties. Each floor is hand-crafted to provide extraordinary quality with the longest lengths and widest widths in the industry. Carlisle is committed to sustainable forestry practices and works exclusively with a small group of timber growers who uphold the highest standards of sustainability.

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