Rustic Oak flooring

The beauty of rustic Oak flooring

Rustic Oak flooring is the perfect choice when you want a floor that looks as if it’s been lived on for centuries. Full of all the imperfections that give a floor a sense of character, rustic Oak flooring infuses a room with character and charm, bringing warmth and a rich natural look that transforms any space.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors produces rustic wide plank flooring using antique floorboards salvaged from old buildings, and by distressing new floorboards to give them an antique appearance.

What is rustic Oak flooring?

Rustic Oak flooring is an Oak hardwood floor made with antique floorboards or with techniques that give new Oak floorboards an aged appearance.

What are the advantages of rustic Oak flooring with reclaimed wood?

Floors made with reclaimed timbers have a remarkable sense of character and warmth – you can almost feel the history of the wood as you walk on it. A reclaimed floor adds an immediate sense of authenticity to the design of a room, along with a sense of heritage and craftsmanship.

What the advantages of a distressed rustic Oak floor?

Distressing techniques enable you to achieve an antique appearance of the floor at a fraction of the cost of using reclaimed timber. Textured floors can be more easily stained, allowing you to create distressed white wood flooring or very dark wood flooring, for example. Texturing also makes it possible to create rustic engineered hardwood flooring that is ideal for installation in areas of high moisture, over radiant heat or on concrete slab.

Rustic Oak flooring from reclaimed timbers

Carlisle offers rustic Oak flooring made from floorboards that have been salvaged from a variety of old buildings along the Ohio River Valley and from western Pennsylvania. These timbers have remarkable color ranging from gold to amber to rich, nutty brown, and feature strong promenade grain markings with eclectic figuring. Rustic Oak flooring from Carlisle comes with all the wormholes, cracks, knots, checks and nail holes that give reclaimed floors their personality. With a reclaimed rustic Oak floor from Carlisle, you can create a distinguished Old World look that will grace your home for generations.

In addition to rustic Oak flooring, we offer a variety of other reclaimed rustic hardwood flooring options,  including:

Reclaimed Chestnut, in rich light brown and darker cocoa colors, with unique wormholes and prominent Chestnut green.

Reclaimed Milled Barnwood, made from a mix of woods salvaged from old barns and retaining all the nail holes, stains, splits and other imperfections that give this wood a sense of warm comfort.

Reclaimed Grandpa’s floor, our most rustic option, full of texture variations, rustic saw marks, knots and grains – and even bullet holes, occasionally – that create beautifully unpredictable and unique farmhouse style wood floors.

Reclaimed Heart Pine, salvaged from mills and factories around New England and offering a rich color palette with strong grain.

Re-creating the look of rustic Oak flooring

When you’re intrigued by rustic wide plank wood flooring but you want more options for fashioning your ideal floor, Carlisle offers a variety of distressing techniques that can transform new hardwood boards into floorboards that seem to have been lived on for generations.

Our craftsmen are experts at a variety of techniques for aging rustic Oak flooring.

  • Hand-scraped edges. Craftsmen gently hand-sculpt the edges of each board, giving them a slightly rounded feel and the look of centuries-old floors where boards were planed to smooth the transition from one board to another.
  • Watermill marks. Early floorboards were often cut at sawmills on rivers, where rudimentary milling techniques left rough spots and saw marks. Our Watermill process re-creates this look to provide an authentic, subtly worn surface that absorbs stain differently to create striking contrast.
  • Brushed texture. In old floors, the softer grain is worn down more quickly than denser grain, producing slight undulating waves in the wood. Our Brushed technique uses multilayer bristles to achieve this organic look.
  • Footworn techniques recreate the undulating patterns that were seen in very old floor boards that were planed smooth using original woodworking tools as Jack Planes or draw knives.
  • Hit or Miss marks. Boards cut at early sawmills often retained iconic swirls and kerf marks from the sawing process. Our Hit or Miss technique adds these marks to new boards to create a rustic appearance at a fraction of the cost of reclaimed timbers.
  • Timeworn texture. This technique reproduces the distinct aging patterns in the grain that are typically achieved only after boards have been lived on for generations.

Why Carlisle is your #1 source for rustic Oak flooring

Carlisle has been a leader in handcrafted wood floors for more than half a century. When you come to Carlisle for rustic Oak flooring, you know that your floor will be crafted with time-honored processes and sourced from the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests. We know that every detail of your floor matters – from the right shade of stain to a hand-scraped edge to the exact width of every plank – and our craftsmen and design consultants work closely with you to create a custom-made floor that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and sophistication. With a Carlisle rustic Oak floor, you’ll set the stage for your life at home with a floor that will always be a welcome reminder of where you are – and that will provide delight and amazement for generations yet to come.