Rustic wide plank wood flooring

The character of rustic wide plank wood flooring

When you walk into a room with rustic wide plank wood flooring, the first thing you’ll notice is the remarkable character of the floor. With time-worn beauty and unmistakable texture, a rustic wide plank wood floor delivers a rich, warm comfort that becomes the defining feature of any room.

When you’re interested in rustic wide plank wood flooring for your home, you can either create a floor from reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from old buildings or you can have new floorboards treated with texturing techniques that re-create this antique appearance.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we deliver both reclaimed and textured floors that offer immediate warmth and personality.

What is rustic wide plank wood flooring?

Rustic wide plank wood flooring is a wood floor with planks that are much wider than standard commercial flooring and which are fashioned from antique wood or with techniques used to re-create the look of antique wood.

What are the advantages of rustic wide plank wood flooring?

The aged appearance of rustic floors adds character and warmth to a room, while wide plank flooring creates a more elegant and spacious feel in the room.

Can rustic wide plank wood flooring be made with any wood?

Reclaimed wood floors are typically made with wood species that are common in centuries-old buildings – rustic Chestnut, rustic Pine and rustic Oak flooring are quite common. For rustic floors in other species, like rustic Hickory hardwood flooring for example, it’s usually easier and less expensive to use texturing or distressing techniques to create a rustic look. This approach also enables stain to be applied to the floorboards more easily to dark or light distressed wood flooring, for example.

Can rustic flooring be installed with patterns?

Yes. Virtually any type of wood can be installed in a pattern. Wood floor patterns, also known as parquet, add sophistication and visual interest to room.

Texturing rustic wide plank wood flooring

Texturing or distressing techniques can give new floorboards the appearance of wood that has been lived on for generations. At Carlisle, we offer a number of options for distressed wood flooring that include:

Hit or Miss. The floorboards produced in early sawmills would often retain marks from the milling process. Our Hit or Miss technique re-creates these saw swirls and kerfs, producing the appearance of reclaimed flooring but at a fraction of the price.

Hand-scraped edges. Before floorboards were milled by machines, craftsmen would prepare the wood by drawing a plane across the edges to soften them. Our hand-scraped edges technique reproduces this look to add a sense of age to each plank.

Brushed flooring. Carlisle craftsmen use specially designed brushes to create a worn texture with very fine brushed markings in wide plank flooring.

Watermill floors. Boards that were rough sawn at riverside watermills retained a certain roughness and original saw marks. Our Watermill technique re-creates this rustic look.

Timeworn flooring. This technique produces boards that look as if they’ve been lived on for generations, where foot traffic and age have worn down the wood and created patterns in the grain.

Footworn techniques recreate the undulating patterns that were seen in very old floor boards that were planed smooth using original woodworking tools as Jack Planes or draw knives

Reclaimed wide plank wood flooring

Carlisle has become one of the most requested suppliers of reclaimed wood floors in North America. Salvaged from centuries-old farms, factories and other buildings that are destined to be demolished, these farmhouse style wood floors have the texture, color and character that only time can create.

  • Carlisle offers several options for rustic wide plank wood flooring made from reclaimed timbers.
  • Reclaimed Chestnut floors showcase their prominent Chestnut grain and come in rich colors that run from light brown to dark cocoa.
  • Reclaimed Oak floors feature wormholes, cracks, knots and nail holes, along with color variations in blonde to nutty brown.
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring is made from old floorboards and structural floor joists and features more original stains, watermarks and saw kerfs than any other reclaimed floor.
  • Reclaimed Milled Barnwood is made from Red and White Pine, Hemlock and Spruce planks that are salvaged from old barns and that feature all the imperfections that give reclaimed wood its character.
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine has a rich patina of deep amber and pumpkin hues along with strong grain.

The leading provider of rustic wide plank wood flooring

Carlisle has been producing hardwood floors of exceptional quality for more than 50 years. Whether it’s a reclaimed floor or a new floor with rustic texturing, every plank in your Carlisle floor is handcrafted to perfection, ensuring that it will reflect your sense of style and sophistication. Our craftsmen painstakingly select each plank and carefully obsess over every detail to make sure that your floor will exceed your expectation.

Working with a Carlisle design consultant, you’ll have the power to customize every aspect of your Carlisle floor. From choosing the wood and the width of the planks to selecting a stain colors, patterns and texturing techniques, you’ll find that the process of creating your Carlisle floor is almost as exciting as living on it.