Solid Hardwood Flooring

Make your space a work of art with wide plank solid hardwood flooring.

When it comes to selecting solid wood flooring, there’s nothing like hardwood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. As one of North America’s leading manufacturers of solid hardwood flooring, Carlisle offers wide plank floors that are handcrafted board by board to produce floors with more character, elegance and beauty. Carlisle solid hardwood flooring minimizes the seams in the floor for a look that is more clean and open. And with wider planks that reveal as much as 200 years of the tree’s history in each board, Carlisle’s flooring infuses any space with distinctive charm.

Carlisle has been producing solid wood flooring for residential and commercial spaces since 1966, and today our individually crafted floors are in demand throughout the world.

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New and reclaimed solid hardwood flooring

Carlisle offers a wide variety of solid hardwood floors. Customers desiring new hardwood flooring can choose from a variety of products, including a cherry, birch, hickory, ash, walnut, maple or oak floor.

Reclaimed flooring is available in a variety of woods. These rustic flooring products are made from timbers that are salvaged from old houses, barns, warehouses and commercial spaces in parts of the country where the climate is well-suited to preservation of the timber.

Carlisle also offers distressed wood flooring – a new solid hardwood flooring product that has been treated with a variety of techniques to give it the look and feel of an antique wood floor that is centuries old.

The finest hardwood, for solid one-of-a-kind flooring.

When you choose new or antique flooring from Carlisle, you’re getting a flooring product unrivaled in quality and durability. Boards for our new floors are cut only from mature trees harvested from sustainable forests in northern climates. Cooler temperatures produce a denser grain that resists shrinking and warping, while older trees have a greater circumference that enables us to cut boards of exceptional widths. Each board in every floor is hand-crafted and scrutinized to ensure that only solid hardwood of the highest quality is used for your flooring.

Because of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we only work with a small number of growers who share our vision. We never clear-cut hardwood forests – to the contrary, our high standards mean that only one tree in every five acres on average is harvested for our solid hardwood flooring.

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