Solid Hardwood Flooring

The beauty of solid hardwood flooring.

Solid hardwood flooring can transform a room. The beauty and color of the wood add personality and warmth to any residential or commercial setting and provide the perfect surface for your life at home or work. This brief introduction to solid hardwood flooring is designed to answer questions about different types of floors and the many options available to you as you design your space.

What is solid hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood flooring is a flooring surface made from strips of wood that are affixed to a subsurface. Hardwood floors must be sanded and sealed to provide a smooth surface that is protected from foot traffic, spills and other types of wear. Hardwood floors can be fashioned with boards cut from a wide range of hardwood trees, or from pine trees which are slightly softer but widely used as a flooring surface.

What are the benefits of solid hardwood flooring over carpet?

The advantages of hardwood floors include:

  • Easier to clean. Hardwood floors are more resistant to spills, stains and wear and can be cleaned more easily than carpet.
  • Longer-lasting. Solid hardwood flooring is designed to last many years, while carpet must be replaced far more frequently.
  • Adaptable to any decor. Hardwood floors can be stained and customized to meet the needs of any interior design scheme.
  • Improved air quality. Solid hardwood flooring provides no hiding places for allergens, pollen, dander and other matters that can reduce air quality.
  • Better acoustics. Hardwood floors provide a more acoustically live and pleasing environment.
  • Cost-effective. Installing solid hardwood flooring may initially be more expensive than installing carpet, but hardwood floors will last much longer, making them a more cost-effective choice over time.

What is wide plank solid hardwood flooring?

Wide plank floors are a type of solid hardwood flooring using floorboards that are much wider than standard commercial planks. Wide plank floors like those from Carlisle may be as much as 20″ wide and up to 16″ long. The contrast between standard commercial flooring is dramatic. Most commercial floors use boards that are no more than 3″ in width and 4′ in length, resulting in a floor that has a much busier and more cluttered feel. Wide plank floors, on the other hand, enable the grain and personality of the wood to be more fully revealed, and provide a sense of luxury and expansiveness that makes the room seem larger.

How to customize your solid hardwood flooring.

When you’re designing the perfect solid hardwood flooring for your home or business, there are a number of ways to customize it to meet your exact needs and design aesthetic.

Staining the wood – Staining is the easiest way to customize your solid hardwood flooring. While some flooring companies offer a limited selection, Carlisle provides a nearly unlimited assortment of color possibilities. Selecting the right stain comes down to choosing a color that will enhance the personality of the wood rather than obscuring subtle details and delicate grain patterns.

Distressing the boards – Carlisle offers six techniques for distressing floorboards to give them an aged appearance. Several of these techniques are unique to Carlisle. Hand-scraped edges re-create the unique appearance of hand-crafted boards from a time before machinery was available to straighten the edges. Hit or Miss and Watermill techniques add saw swirls or kerfs to boards, giving them the appearance of having been cut at early sawmills. Brushed, Timeworn and Footworn techniques create the appearance of wood that has been worn by age and foot traffic.

Varying the width – Carlisle wide plank floors are available in boards up to 20″  wide. Choosing a consistent width produces a clean, uniform appearance, while varying the width of your floorboards can create an interesting visual effect.

Choosing a pattern
– Patterns like Chevron, Herringbone and Versailles adds elegance and visual interest to any room.

Opting for engineered – Carlisle offers engineered wood flooring that looks and feels like solid hardwood flooring but is more appropriate for installation in spaces that may be subject to higher relative humidity on a regular basis.

Which wood is right for your solid hardwood flooring?

At Carlisle, we offer a choice of 10 hardwood species for solid hardwood flooring.

  • Ash floors have color variations that range from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown hues and feature interesting grain patterns.
  • Birch floors are renowned for their intriguing combination of color tones and varying grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to flame-like effects. Carlisle unfinished birch flooring features rich reddish-brown tones in the heartwood.
  • Brown Maple hardwood floors feature subtle and consistent grain patterns with rich hues of brown, gold and amber.
  • Cherry floors have a subtle but distinctive flowing grain patterns and deep red lustrous hues.
  • Hickory is a tough and handsome wood with color tones that range from lighter blonde and beige to cocoa browns.
  • Red Oak floors feature deep salmon tones in the heartwood with tight, consistent grain.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak is cut with special techniques that produce straight parallel lines for a strikingly beautiful floor.
  • Walnut is a sumptuous dark wood flooring with complex grain patterns and rich chocolate hues with undertones ranging from purple to yellow.
  • White Maple features smooth, soft flowing grain and its cleaner and lighter hues are perfect for a more neutral floor.
  • White Oak offers dense and durable boards with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain patterns. We also offer three types of pine floors and six types of reclaimed flooring that is made from boards salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories.

Carlisle: a global leader in solid hardwood flooring.

Carlisle has provided leadership, tradition and innovation in solid hardwood flooring for more than 50 years. Our New England craftsman are true artisans with a love and feel for fine wood. Our expertise, pride and passion for creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces ensures that your Carlisle solid hardwood flooring will exceed your expectations and amaze and delight you for years to come. Our forest-to-floor ethic and our commitment to sustainable forestry practices enables us to preserve natural resources while producing the most beautiful and exquisite solid hardwood flooring available today. And our legendary commitment to customer service means that our team will be there every step of the way to answer your questions, offer expert guidance and ensure that the process of creating your solid hardwood flooring is as pleasurable as living on it.