Solid Hardwood Floors

Choose wide plank flooring for more elegant solid hardwood floors.

When you want solid hardwood floors that will be a distinctive architectural element for your home or business, consider Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Our boards are chosen from the best trees in the finest, most sustainable forests for each species, and cut from the heart of the tree to produce some of the widest and longest planks in the industry. Each board is meticulously crafted to bring out its beauty and character, giving our solid hardwood floors a more distinctive appearance. You can often see as much as 200 years of history in each hardwood plank. Wider planks mean fewer seams in the wood, giving your space a more open feel and a cleaner look. When you choose solid hardwood floors from Carlisle, you’ll have a floor that will fill your room with a natural elegance and that will be a beloved feature of your space for years to come.

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Solid hardwood floors – individually selected and crafted.

Since 1966, our craftsmen have offered the finest in new solid hardwood floors and antique hardwood flooring. Our woodworkers are among the best in the business, scrutinizing every solid wood board that is created in our mill to ensure it measures up to the high standard we have set and the quality our customers expect. We offer new solid hardwood floors in a variety of woods, including maple, cherry, walnut and oak hardwood flooring. Customers may choose from a prefinished wood floor or a floor to be finished on site. Our floors come with almost no restrictions, and can be installed on radiant heat or concrete slab, in waterfront or mountain homes, and big or small rooms.

Solid wood floors, from sustainable hardwood forests.

Our solid hardwood floors are created with only the finest timbers that have been selectively cut and carefully milled to produce floors of exceptional beauty and character. We work with a small group of growers, most of whom are within 500 miles of our New Hampshire headquarters and who share our commitment to sustainable forestry. We never clear-cut trees, but rather harvest only the most mature trees in the forest ready to be removed in order to let the forest continue to thrive. By harvesting only one tree in every five acres of woods, we’re helping to ensure the viability of these forests for years to come.

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